Whether you're a diehard Eagles fan or a bandwagon fashionista or you just think cornerback Jalen Mills looks super-fly, now is an ideal time to experiment with dying your hair green. Ahead of the ultimate game day  Sunday, the conversation-starter is sure to spark friendships with fans  throughout the region.

Finding yourself a bit fearful of such a bold commitment? Rest assured, there are plenty of temporary options for transforming strands of all colors into winning Eagles green.

We spoke with Jeffrey Moffett of Old City and Marlton's Moxie Blue Salon about the best one-day and semipermanent methods — all of which are highly  recommended over the classic Kool-Aid DIY technique.

"Kool-Aid is effective, but you can't get it out," says Moffett. "The color molecule in Kool-Aid is different than the color molecule in hair dye."

For those who aren't afraid of long-term colored locks — and who don't want to spend a lot of green to go green — Kool-Aid could be an option, but for everyone else, there are plenty of other easy ways to go green.


One of the easiest no-commitment ways to add a pop of color to your mane is to use hair chalk. Just like on a blackboard, the chalk is simply applied by drawing on the strands you want to dye.

"If you want to envision what it will look like, think about taking a green marker and drawing on construction paper that's the color of your hair," says Moffett. "So if you have brown hair, you'll see a green tint, and if you have blond hair, you'll get a bold green."

For those with dark hair, Moffett recommends experimenting with layering, using white chalk as the base and then adding green chalk on top.

Finishing with hair spray will help seal the color, after which you'll need to refrain from brushing or running your hands through your hair.

To remove the chalk, simply wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo. Hair chalk is available through  Amazon and at retailers such as Target and Walmart, often for $15 or less.


Colored spray often evokes memories of Halloween and other costume-oriented occasions. But when your city makes it to the Super Bowl, dressing up is never a bad idea, and with a spray, you can easily achieve the vibrant, rich color that makes a costume stand out. The downside to temporary  sprays is that they  often quickly turn soft strands into bristles as stiff as the Eagles' defense.

"Make sure your hair is dry,"  advises Moffett. "If it's sprayed on wet hair, you'll end up with stiffer hair."

Moffett also suggests waiting a full day or two after washing your  hair before applying the spray. "You want a little grit so that the spray holds on to your hair better," he says.

Once you're ready to spray, be sure to wear old clothes, and hold the bottle six to 10 inches from your head to avoid clumps of color.

Like chalk, sprays can easily be removed by using clarifying shampoo, and they're available  online and at larger department stores for $10 or less.


Gels work on the same coloring principle as sprays but require a different  application.

"Gels are more true to color the lighter your hair is,"  Moffett says. "If you have dark hair, sprays will be more visual, but the gel will stay in a little bit better since it seals itself around the hair once it dries."

To apply, all you need is a wide-tooth comb to spread a small amount of gel through your hair, adding more gel as you go until the color appears as desired.

Green hair gels can be more challenging to find, but Amazon sells multiple brands for $10 or less.

Demi-permanent dye

If you're confident of an Eagles win and want to sport your green 'do for longer than a day, try a demi-permanent dye. Unlike permanent dyes, demi-permanent products will not remove the natural pigment from your hair. However, they do penetrate hair deeper than the above methods and enable strands to hold color for 20-28 shampooings.

For those with darker hair, Moffett says that an initial bleaching is required for vibrant results and that the process is a bit trickier, so you may want to seek out a stylist.

If doing this at home, follow package instructions, which vary by brand. Amazon and Hot Topic sell multiple brands of green demi-permanent dye online for $15 or less.

Hair extensions

To avoid the slightly unpredictable color results inevitable with dying your own hair, opt for pre-dyed hair extensions. A variety of clip-in options are available online in all shades of green. Locally, Moxie Blue Salon  offers several tape-in options at its Old City location.

"We're doing a vintage Eagles green, a true Eagles green, and a blend of the two," Moffett says, adding that you can opt for either a Reggie White or Nick Foles look for your Super Bowl green hair debut.