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Super Bowl 2018: Former WIP host Josh Innes banned from Radio Row, and other news

Remember Josh Innes? Remember how WIP fired him after two and a half chaotic years at the microphone here? Well, he's back in the news again.

Josh Innes was a sports talk radio host on WIP from January 2014 to August 2016.
Josh Innes was a sports talk radio host on WIP from January 2014 to August 2016.Read moreClem Murray / File Photograph

Here's a look at some Super Bowl stories from national media outlets that are making news today.

1. Houston Sports Radio Shouters Shout At Each Other On Radio Row via Deadspin's Samer Kalaf

Remember Josh Innes? Remember how WIP fired him after 2½ chaotic years at the microphone here? Well, he's back in the news again. Innes, who now works in Houston, got banned from Radio Row at the Super Bowl after a shouting match there with a host from another Houston station. The Deadspin link above has some videos of the exchange. (Warning: There's a slew of expletives. Then again, you were probably expecting that.)

Innes confirmed to the Inquirer and Daily News that he was kicked out by the NFL. The Houston Chronicle's Matt Young reported that the NFL also kicked out the entire staff of the station where Innes works.

Now Innes is broadcasting from a Perkins restaurant in Bloomington, Minn., about five miles down a highway from the NFL's Mall of America media base:

Deadspin twisted the knife brilliantly in its story:

"Innes, who has a history of making dumb [bleeping] decisions when he worked at Philadelphia radio station WIP — and also desperately clutches on to those Philly radio days because he knows no one will pay attention to him otherwise — said he was told that he'd be kicked out if he caused a scene one more time," Kalaf wrote. "For some reason, it feels like he doesn't deserve the benefit of the doubt."

2. My dream of dancing at the Super Bowl came true. And then I became Left Shark. by Bryan Gaw for the Washington Post

The performer responsible for one of the most infamous Super Bowl halftime acts of recent times has introduced himself to the public.

"Doing something 'rogue' at the Super Bowl is not an option. The National Football League does not play, especially after the Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction," Gaw writes. "Every rehearsal was filmed. And it was really only a few seconds, a snippet, maybe four or five counts where I improvised in my giant blue shark costume. But people went crazy. And the phenomenon of 'left shark' was born."

3. Meet the most unlikely starter in this Super Bowl by Pete Thamel, Yahoo Sports

Patriots linebacker Elandon Roberts wasn't a stud in college. He started out at FCS-level Morgan State, then transferred to Houston, and did just enough there for New England to take a chance on him with a sixth-round draft pick. Roberts isn't even 6 feet tall. As Thamel writes: "The most unlikely starter in the Super Bowl on Sunday looks more like a walk-on point guard than a middle linebacker." But Roberts is very much in the spotlight, and you can be sure the Eagles know about him.

4. Super Bowl LII quiz: Should you root for the Eagles or Patriots?  via ESPN

The answer is obvious, I know. But I'd be curious to see whether by some fluke any Eagles fans end up being told to root for the Patriots.

5. Wendy's mocks McDonald's in Super Bowl spot by Aaron Smith, CNN

Can I stop myself from making a joke about two fast-food chains having beef with each other? No, because the Wendy's ad is very much about beef. Wendy's mocks McDonald's for using frozen beef to make its hamburgers, including this shot: "The iceberg that sank the Titanic was frozen, too."

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Staff writer Rob Tornoe contributed to this report.