Dreamgirls ***1/2

(DreamWorks, '06) $29.99 DVD. 130 mins. Adaptation of the Broadway musical about a female soul trio looking for its big break during the '60s. The group is advised to cross over to pop, which upsets the dynamics of the trio. Jennifer Hudson won an Oscar for her performance as Effie while Eddie Murphy was nominated for his role as James "Thunder" Early. With Beyoncé Knowles, Jamie Foxx.


(sexual candor, profanity, drugs)

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Alpha Dog **1/2

(Universal Studios, '06) $29.98 DVD. 118 mins. Partying friends from the suburbs of Los Angeles end up in trouble when their world of drugs and sex goes out of control. With Bruce Willis, Matthew Barry, Justin Timberlake.


(profanity, drug use, strong violence, sexuality, nudity)

Hitcher **(Universal Studios, '06) 84 mins. $29.98 DVD. In this remake of the '80s horror movie, a college couple heading to spring break through the desert pick up a hitchhiker, who frames them for a gruesome murder he committed. With Sean Bean, Sophia Bush. R (strong bloody violence, terror and language) (CC)

For Children

Happily N'ever After * (Lionsgate, '07) $28.98 DVD. 87 mins. Fairy-tale characters will never live happily ever after unless Cinderella is able to defeat evil. Voices of Sarah Michelle Gellar, Freddie Prinze Jr., Andy Dick. PG (thematic elements)

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