December means all kinds of fourth-quarter, year-end reports. Among the monthly rental trends and forecasting comes Apartment Guide’s national trends to expect in 2019. The apartment features among the predictions are mostly high-end: sleek new buildings, increased security measures, transit-friendly development, and smart devices.

“Technology is moving faster than ever, and apartment complexes are doing everything they can to keep up with the modern renter,” the report reads.

In addition to smart locks, the report recommended to be ready for more remote access control (packages need to be delivered, after all) and built-in charging stations with USB ports in wall outlets.

Other amenities — yoga studios, bicycle valets, rooftop pools, car-charging stations and in-building retailers — should be familiar to anyone who has been paying attention to construction in Center City Philadelphia lately.

The report says costs are likely to continue to rise and urges renters to closely examine fees. To budget properly, renters should ask questions like: “Do you have access to the pool as part of your fees, or is that extra? Is the on-site dry cleaner included?"

Apartment Guide doesn’t go as far as suggesting renters will have to give up avocado toast but does say renters may have to forgo “expensive lattes.” Something has to pay for those rooftop pools.