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NBA sources: Decision on suspension for Joel Embiid could come today and likely no later than Friday

Both Minnesota and the Sixers play Saturday and should know before then if there are suspensions.

Joel Embiid (left) fights with the Minnesota Timberwolves' Karl-Anthony Towns as Ben Simmons (25) looks on.
Joel Embiid (left) fights with the Minnesota Timberwolves' Karl-Anthony Towns as Ben Simmons (25) looks on.Read moreMitchell Leff / MCT

Two NBA sources said that a decision on whether 76ers center Joel Embiid will be suspended could come as soon as today.

Embiid and Minnesota’s Karl-Anthony Towns were ejected with 6 minutes, 42 seconds left in the third quarter of the Sixers’ 117-95 win over the visiting Timberwolves on Wednesday after a brawl took place.

Both sources did not want to be named and speculated that the decision should come no later than Friday, when the Sixers leave for their four-game road trip that begins Saturday in Portland.

The typical NBA process is to have a decision reached before either team plays its next game.

Both teams will return to action Saturday, with the Timberwolves visiting Washington.

Towns was being guarded by Ben Simmons on Wednesday when Embiid came down for a double team. The two centers collided, and Towns threw a punch that didn’t connect. Embiid and Towns then tangled in a bear hug and tumbled to the floor as teammates moved in.

Embiid said he shouldn’t be suspended because he didn’t throw a punch.

“I tried to be as cool as I could in that situation,” Embiid said after the game. “Personally, I didn’t throw any punches. I shouldn’t get suspended.”

It is not known, according to the sources, if NBA officials have spoken with Embiid.

The Sixers have practice today, and a team official said there is hope that there could be more clarity soon.

ESPN reported that NBA executive vice president of basketball operations Kiki VanDeWeghe was in contact with the Sixers’ and Timberwolves’ front offices on Wednesday night.