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A trade for Buddy Hield could give the Sixers the outside shooter they badly need | Mailbag

The Sixers have a number of needs this offseason, but acquiring shooters who can help space the floor for superstars Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons is the top priority.

Sacramento Kings' Buddy Hield (24) driving against the Brooklyn Nets' Jarrett Allen (31) during an August game.
Sacramento Kings' Buddy Hield (24) driving against the Brooklyn Nets' Jarrett Allen (31) during an August game.Read moreAshley Landis / AP

This is the 33rd edition of the weekly 76ers mailbag.

Each week, followers may submit questions to be answered.

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Question: There are a lot of rumors floating around about Buddy Hield. Would he be a great fit within the team’s current rotation? Why or why not? — @DaveJastrow

Answer: What’s up, Dave? I hope you are well, man. Thanks for the question. Yes, the unhappy Sacramento Kings shooting guard would be a great fit for the Sixers. He would actually be one of the missing pieces they need to contend for the Eastern Conference title.

The 41.1% career three-pointer shooter could provide the consistent sharpshooting the Sixers lost by not re-signing JJ Redick in free agency last summer. His presence would provide spacing for Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid to operate.

Q: What are the chances of a Buddy Hield for Al Horford type of trade? — @dannmaal

A: What’s up, Dan? How is the Lehigh Valley treating you? In regards to your question, I always thought there was a good chance of that deal happening. It makes sense for both teams. However, the Kings have to decide if the want to give up a 27-year-old standout in his prime for a 34-year-old, with years left on his contract..

Although in Horford, the Kings would get a standout center to help end the squad’s 14-season playoff drought. He would be a leader by example for the Kings' young core. I think that trade would be win-win for both players and teams.

Q: Do we have a vision for No. 21 (Joel Embiid) and No. 25 (Ben Simmons) to not only co-exist, but thrive? — @wearerheproblem

A: Hello, JB. I hope you have a great weekend. You just asked one of the biggest questions pertaining to the Sixers. The answer is kind of simple: surround them with shooters.

Think about it. The Sixers' All-Star pairing were surrounded by shooters on the floor just three seasons ago. They had Robert Covington and Redick in the starting lineup. Ersan Ilyasova and Marco Belinelli were the first two players off the bench after being acquired in the buyout market. Those four sharpshooters created spacing for Embiid and Simmons.

The Sixers didn’t re-sign Ilyasova and Belinelli after that season. Then they traded Covington to the Minnesota Timberwolves in November 2018. But the spacing remained somewhat intact until Redick signed with the New Orleans Pelicans in July 2019. That’s why it’s vital for the Sixers to get a player, like Hield, who can stretch the floor for Embiid and Simmons.

Q: Hey Keith, what do you think of the Sixers taking Tyrell Terry or Tyrese Maxey at No. 21 in the NBAdraft? I think they are perfect fits and will give their bench something they desperately need — @HostetterDO

A: What’s up, Jeffrey? How have you been? I like both players. I’m not sure if Maxey will be available at 21. Terry should be there and would be a solid option for the team.

The former Stanford Cardinal has the long-range shooting touch the Sixers covet. The point guard could also serve as an additional ball handler the team needs. The 6-foot-2 and bulked-up 174-pounder averaged 14.7 points while shooting 40.8% on three-pointers en route to being named to the Pac-12 all-freshman team. He also averaged 4.5 rebounds, 3.2 assists, and 1.4 steals, while making 89.1% of his free throws.