There were 48 positive tests for COVID-19 out of the 546 NBA players tested from Nov. 24-30, the league and National Basketball Players Association announced Wednesday.

The testing was part of the initial return-to-market testing phase. The league is scheduled to test all of its players throughout the season.

The league knew that it would be likely that some players and staff members would test positive for COVID-19. It sent out a 134-page health and safety protocols plans to teams last week.

A player who tests positive and remains asymptomatic must refrain from workouts for 10 days. Afterward, he’ll have to work out individually for two days and must pass a cardiac screening before participating in full-team workouts.

As a result, a player will miss a minimum of 12 days if he tests positive.

NBA players are allowed to participate only in individual workouts through Saturday. Preseason games are to begin on Dec. 11, and the regular season is set to begin Dec. 22.