One gets the impression that Seth Curry is eager to play with Sixers point guard Ben Simmons.

Simmons has a knack for assisting on kick-out three-pointers. And making three-pointers is something Curry has perfected.

“When he gets downhill, nobody can really stay in front of him one-on-one,” the new shooting guard said recently. “So that means you’ve got to bring help and try to put two guys in front of him to stop him from getting a layup.

“That’s where guys like myself and Danny [Green] can help him out as far as creating space for him to drive and knocking down shots.”

The Sixers start training camp on Tuesday. However, it will be several days before Simmons pairs up with Curry on the court in a scrimmage and possibly even longer for Green.

According to NBA guidelines because of COVID-19, players can only participate in individual workouts through the first five days. So Curry won’t be on the receiving end of Simmons’ assists during a scrimmage until Sunday. It’s expected to be much longer for Green because his trade has not been finalized.

A couple of hours before the Nov. 18 draft, the Sixers agreed to acquire Green and Terrance Ferguson from the Oklahoma City Thunder in exchange for Al Horford, a 2025 protected first-rounder, the 34th pick of the Nov. 18 draft, and the rights to Serbian point guard Vasilije Micic.

But that came four days after the Thunder had agreed to acquire Green and the 28th pick in the draft from the Los Angeles Lakers in exchange for Dennis Schroder. Because of a technicality, the Lakers and Thunder could not officially consummate the Schroder-Green trade until Nov. 19.

That technicality has delayed the Green trade to the Sixers. A source believes it could take until Dec. 8, to become official because the league has plenty of transactions to approve.

So Curry will get a head start over Green in working with Simmons. “I feel like me and him are kind of perfect match,” Curry said of pairing with Simmons.

He noted that Simmons is a bigger ballhandler who can makes plays and defend multiple positions.

“I’m kind of a smaller scorer who can spread the floor, shoot and can score in multiple ways,” he said, “and can guard multiple guys and point guards.”