The NBA playoffs begin Monday and, for the second year in a row, the Milwaukee Bucks enter as the top seed and the favorite. The Sixers, who entered the NBA’s restart seeded No. 6, have ended there and begin their first-round playoff series with the Boston Celtics on Monday.

Here is a look at the Eastern Conference.

1. Milwaukee Bucks

Season record: 56-17

Record in seeding games: 3-5

Odds to win the Eastern Conference: 5-8.

Reason for optimism: Start with Giannis Antetokounmpo (29.5 ppg., 13.6 rpg. In 30.4 mpg.), who is likely to win his second MVP and possibly being named the defensive player of the year.

Cause for concern: Is Khris Middleton (20.9 ppg.) a legitimate No. 2 option and will he rebound from his struggles last year in the Eastern Conference finals vs Toronto (13.7 ppg.)?

Why the Bucks can win the conference title: They have the most talent, are great defensively, and Antetokounmpo can carry a team.

Why the Bucks can lose: Milwaukee is just an average three-point shooting team and Antetokounmpo is below average in that category. Teams will make him beat them from the perimeter and attempt (although it won’t be easy) to limit his drives to the basket.

Probable outcome: Eastern Conference champion.

2. Toronto Raptors

Season record: 53-19

Record in seeding games: 7-1

Odds to win the Eastern Conference: 17-5

Reason for optimism: This is a tough-minded team that is the NBA’s leader in defending the three (33.7%) and in opponents points per game (106.5).

Cause for concern: Pascal Siakam has been erratic offensively (39.4% field-goal shooting in seven seeding games).

Why the Raptors can win the conference title: This is a cohesive veteran group that won a championship last year and is out to prove it can do it without Kawhi Leonard.

Why the Raptors can lose: There is not a lot of margin for error offensively and Siakam and Fred VanVleet, while potentially explosive, have to prove they can be consistent.

Probable outcome: Losing to Milwaukee in the Eastern Conference finals.

3. Boston Celtics

Season record: 48-24

Record in seeding games: 5-3

Odds to win the Eastern Conference: 5-1

Reason for optimism: This is a deep team with several strong scoring threats, including All-Star Jayson Tatum (23.4 ppg), Kemba Walker (20.4), Jaylen Brown (20.3), and Gordon Hayward (17.5).

Cause for concern: The Celtics are weak at center and figure to be at a major mismatch in their first-round series with Joel Embiid and the Sixers.

Why the Celtics can win the conference title: This is a veteran team that two seasons ago reached the conference final and players such as Tatum and Brown are vastly improved since then.

Why the Celtics can lose: Boston could have trouble with big physical teams.

Probable outcome: The Celtics have the ability to win the conference title or lose in the first round. We don’t think either will happen. Our guess is after a first-round win over the Sixers, the Celtics lose the next series against Toronto.

4. Miami Heat

Season record: 44-29

Record in seeding games: 3-5

Odds to win the Eastern Conference: 19-2.

Reason for optimism: Led by former Sixer Jimmy Butler, this is a deep team that has seven players averaging double-figure points per game.

Cause for concern: Butler aside, this is a relatively young team, and how will youth perform in the postseason?

Why the Heat can win the conference title: Miami was second in the NBA in three-point shooting (37.9%), led by Duncan Robinson (44.6%), and the Heat get great court spacing due to their proficiency.

Why the Heat can lose: Being too dependent on Butler can be risky. Can he carry a team through several playoffs rounds?

Probable outcome: A second-round loss to Milwaukee.

5. Indiana Pacers

Season record: 45-28

Record in seeding games: 6-2

Odds to win the Eastern Conference: 50-1

Reason for optimism: The Pacers, despite several injuries, play well together and are among the NBA leaders in fewest turnovers per game.

Cause for concern: Injuries. All-Star Domantas Sabonis hasn’t played in the NBA restart due to left foot plantar fasciitis. TJ Warren, who erupted for 53 points in the opening seeding game against the Sixers, missed the final two seeding games with right foot plantar fasciitis.

Why the Pacers can win the conference title: The Pacers play as hard as any Eastern Conference team and they can simply outwork their opponents.

Why the Pacers can lose: The injuries make it difficult for them to be competitive against teams with strong front courts.

Probable outcome: A first-round loss to Miami.

6. Sixers

Season record: 43-30

Record in seeding games: 4-4

Odds to win the Eastern Conference: 25-1.

Reason for optimism: Joel Embiid, if healthy, has the ability to dominate a game and a series and the Sixers look to ride him through the playoffs.

Cause for concern: Not having the services of Ben Simmons, who had knee surgery last week, is a killer on both ends of the court.

Why the Sixers can win the conference title: Embiid can go crazy, Tobias Harris is a proven scorer, and Al Horford, at 34, could find the fountain of youth.

Why the Sixers can lose: If Embiid is less than dominant, it’s difficult to see the Sixers having much success.

Probable outcome: It’s tempting to pick the Sixers because of their matchup inside against Boston, but without Simmons, a first-round ouster is more likely.

7. Brooklyn Nets

Season record: 35-37

Record in seeding games: 5-3

Odds to win the Eastern Conference: 125-1

Reason for optimism: Interim coach Jacques Vaughn had this banged-up team playing inspired basketball during the restart. Caris LeVert is a major offensive threat. He averaged 25 points while playing in six of the eight seeding games.

Cause for concern: Too many injuries.

Why the Nets can win the conference title: They can’t.

Why the Nets can lose: Not enough depth, although if Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving return healthy next season, watch out.

Probable outcome: First-round loss to Toronto.

8. Orlando Magic

Season record: 33-40

Record in seeding games: 3-5

Odds to win the Eastern Conference: 100-1

Reason for optimism: Former Sixer center Nikola Vucevic (19.6 ppg) and guard Evan Fournier (18.5) are proven scorers.

Cause for concern: Very little depth, especially after losing Jonathan Isaac, who tore his ACL during the restart.

Why the Magic can win the conference title: They can’t.

Why the Magic can lose: There is simply not enough talent to compete.

Probable outcome: First-round loss to Milwaukee.

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