A simple question for 76ers coach Brett Brown on whether he talks to general manager Elton Brand and others in the front office more during the trade deadline turned into a testimonial of the Sixers GM.

“...It is a relationship that I value very much,” Brown said of Brand before the Sixers’ Friday night matchup against the Chicago Bulls. “I think the world of him. The club should sign him to a 50-year contract.”

A 50-year contract? Was Brown trying to throw some bouquets to his boss?

He had more to say after his contract recommendation.

“He is just incredible to me because he doesn’t need to do this,” Brown said. “He is not poor.”

Brand spent 17 years in the NBA as a player. Basketball Reference estimates his career earnings to be $169,229,324.

“The fact that I coached him and coached against him and now he is my general manager, we talk all the time,” said Brown, who coached Brand in the 2015-2016 season, his final one in the NBA and second stint with the Sixers. “It is a very easy conversation and a truthful one. So this thing you are talking about is all part of it. Day-to-day stuff. Trade deadline, all that. It is all part of it. It is just a relationship that I personally value very much and I respect him very much for the job he is doing.”