KISSIMMEE, Fla. – To know the 76ers is to know they like having multiple guys occupying space in the post.

Brett Brown was asked Monday if there’s any thought about having four guys spacing behind the arc while Joel Embiid posts up.

“Zero,” he responded. “It’s doesn’t make me right, but this is my experience. I lived with Tim Duncan for five NBA Finals [with the San Antonio Spurs], four of which we won in 12 years with Pop [Gregg Popovich].

“I’m very privileged to experience the world of a post player as it relates to spacing and schemes how people came at them.”

Brown said four players on the perimeter make it easier for defenders to double-team a post player.

“As a result, it’s too crowded,” he said.

Brown believes Embiid would have an easier outlet against a double-team by having at least one guy on the dunker spot instead of all four behind the arc.

“If you don’t occupy the dunker, it’s my opinion that when [Celtics guard] Marcus Smart or [Jayson] Tatum or Jaylen Brown goes down to double-team Joel, which the do often,” he said, “If you pass out of that, their athletes can put out fires with 3-on-4 way easier than 2-on-3.”