A message was delivered Tuesday to retired Villanova football coach Andy Talley from the College Football Hall of Fame -- “Of the 5.34 million who have played and coached college football since 1869, only 1,010 players and 219 coaches have been inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame … Welcome to the club."

So it’s 221 now, with Talley being one of them. The news was announced Wednesday.

“This is really pretty amazing," Talley said over the phone. “I’m actually quite amazed myself.”

Talley had been notified two years ago, he said, that he was on the list to be considered and he would stay on the list for the future.

“I took a good look at the list of coaches and several of them had been nominated over the years, it took a long time to get in," Talley said. “I figured I’d be long gone when this happens.”

He even joked with his family about that. His sons said he didn’t want to have to give a speech at a banquet. His daughter said she’d do it.

“I’ll be 77 in April," Talley said. “It’s kind of tight. I get to enjoy it when I’m alive.”

In truth, getting the honor three years after retirement adds to the honor. Talley was the national I-AA coach of the year in 1997, and his 2009 Villanova team won the I-AA national title. He had started the program back up from scratch, playing the first games in 1985, after the school had taken a hiatus from football. In his career, between five seasons at Division III St. Lawrence and 32 at Villanova, Talley had a 257-155-2 record.

He also started a bone marrow testing program that grew past Villanova and continues at many college football programs.

Among the players being inducted is former Eagles star Keith Byars from his Ohio State career. The induction ceremony will be Dec. 8 in New York. Talley will be the first ever to be inducted representing Villanova.