Bill Simmons is known to catch the public’s eye with his strong opinions, but this time he may have to back off of his stance.

A New York Times article said that Simmons is now “playing defense” after his lack of diversity hires was called into question. In the story, Simmons is quoted saying, “This isn’t Open Mic Night,” when explaining the lack of diversity on Ringer podcasts.

Simmons has brought in popular black podcast hosts, including Jemele Hill and Van Lathan, but they aren’t Ringer employees. His decision to give his teenage daughter a podcast was also discussed as a counter-point to his quote.

Simmons’ quote comes at a time where African Americans are fighting the social inequalities that have led to unequal opportunities for minorities.

The Ringer’s staff has six Black members out of 90 employees. When you combine that fact with Simmons’ quote about the business, it leads some people to believe he doesn’t think Black people are good enough to host the podcasts.

Bubba Wallace finishes a career-best 14th at Talladega Speedway after tribute

NASCAR drivers and crew members made a strong statement before Monday’s race when they stood behind Bubba Wallace and pushed his car to the front.

Wallace had a strong race and briefly led with 28 laps to go. He finished 14th, which was a career-best at Talladega Speedway.

After the race, Wallace greeted his section of fans in a day filled with emotion. While Wallace has taken the lead on NASCAR’s approach to fighting racism, he’s also had his most successful period on the track. His four laps led this season is already more than last season.

Andre Drummond planning to pick up player option in Cleveland

As Deion Sanders once said in his hit No. 1 single, “it must be the money.”

In Andre Drummond’s case, it has to be. Drummond is planning to pick up his player option to remain in Cleveland for another season. He’ll be paid $28.75 million in his final year.

The decision is a no-brainer. While Drummond will be questioned for basically agreeing to play for a non-playoff team another year, it’s unlikely that he will ever make $28.75 million in a season again.

Drummond hasn’t made an All-Star Game in the last two seasons, and he was traded away from the Pistons. He’s still one of the most gifted rebounders in the NBA, but when you factor in his recent accolades, he made the best decision.

He could’ve declined the option and went to a big man-needy team like the Celtics and played on the mid-level exception, making about four times less than what he’ll get in Cleveland. Now, he has a chance to play his way into another big contract.

If Drummond is the same type of player next season, then that will just confirm he made the right decision. He’ll only be 27 when next season ends, which will give him a chance to compete on a playoff-caliber team while already having $28.75 million in the bank.