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D.K. Metcalf chases down a speedy Budda Baker, Jon Bostic’s hit on Andy Dalton, and more NFL news

D.K. Metcalf's size is comparable to a linebacker on defense, but he chased down a fast defensive back to show how freakishly gifted he is.

Seattle Seahawks wide receiver D.K. Metcalf hit the second-highest running speed of any NFL player this season.
Seattle Seahawks wide receiver D.K. Metcalf hit the second-highest running speed of any NFL player this season.Read moreDean Rutz / MCT

It’s not too often that a 90-yard interception return doesn’t result in a touchdown. It’s also not normal that a 6-foot-4, 230-pound player runs 115 yards and chases down a defensive back.

Seattle Seahawks wide receiver D.K. Metcalf is like a created player on the Madden game that’s just bigger, faster and stronger than everyone else.

Arizona Cardinals safety Budda Baker had a surefire pick-6 before Metcalf hawked him down like he stole his wallet.

Let’s not get it twisted, either. Baker is not a slow dude. He ran a 4.45 40-yard dash at the NFL combine, and he reached a top speed of 21.27 miles per hour. For perspective, Derrick Henry reached 21.62 mph on his 94-yard touchdown run last week.

Metcalf is just different. He reached 22.64 mph, which was the second-highest speed on a tackle this season.

“That’s the first time I’ve ever been hawked in my entire life,” Baker said.

The reaction to Metcalf’s play was as expected. Even Baker got in on the fun.

Comparing young players to all-time greats is always tricky because you can’t predict the level of consistency that the stars produce. Metcalf has been compared to Calvin Johnson.

Metcalf is on pace for more than 1,000 yards and double-digit touchdowns this season, so an argument can be made in the statistical comparison, but the strongest case is in the size. Johnson ran a 4.35 at 6-5, 236 pounds, and Metcalf’s physical ability shows resemblance.

Jon Bostic ejected after hit on Andy Dalton

It hasn’t been a good year for the Dallas Cowboys, and the hits keep coming.

This time the hit came from Washington Football Team linebacker Jonathan Bostic, and it may have been dirty. Quarterback Andy Dalton went into his slide before Bostic came in, lowered his helmet, and knocked Dalton out the game.

Bostic was ejected. NFL rules dictate that when a quarterback goes into a slide, he does not have to be touched. Bostic was coming in fast, but there are ways he could’ve turned his body to avoid the big hit.

Dalton is now in the concussion protocol with an unclear status going forward, and after losing Dak Prescott two weeks ago, Cowboys fans aren’t too happy. Neither are the people who believe Bostic’s hit was intentional.

NFL Network is reporting that Bostic won’t face a suspension.

A new Baker Mayfield dance video emerges

A quarterback who has the dance moves is probably more likely to get the teammates hyped up than your typical motivational speech guy. Baker Mayfield’s dance moves first went viral in college at Oklahoma, and now he’s at it again.

After the Browns' late win over the Cincinnati Bengals, teammate Ronnie Harrison went live on Instagram and showed the fans that Mayfield still has his groove.

Mayfield had every reason to be dancing after that performance. It started bad. An early interception led to an Odell Beckham Jr. injury, and the Bengals led throughout the first half.

The Browns' 2018 No. 1 draft choice completed 22 of his final 23 passes and five touchdowns to close the game. That’s how you shut the naysayers up.

The Isaiah Simmons pick finally pays off for Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals drafted Isaiah Simmons and for a while, it looked like they had no clue how to use him. The top-10 pick played nickel, linebacker and safety at Clemson. He excelled in all the positions, but there was always the chance an imperfect fit could shrink his ceiling.

The Cardinals looked like an imperfect fit until Simmons picked off MVP candidate Russell Wilson in overtime. It was only Simmons' fifth snap on defense. He quickly bailed out of a blitz and jumped into a passing line like only a linebacker who ran a 4.39 could.

Wilson had three interceptions, and that last one led to Arizona’s game-winning field goal. The Cardinals are 5-2, and if they can figure out how to move Simmons around the field, look out.

Terry McLaurin goes Hulk Mode

The Incredible Hulk used to say “you won’t like me when I’m angry” before warning people to not make him mad. While Washington receiver Terry McLaurin isn’t as big as The Hulk, Cowboys cornerback Trevon Diggs maybe didn’t like an angry McLaurin.

Diggs and McLaurin were shown having a shoving match and exchanging words. One play later, McLaurin caught a 52-yard touchdown.

For what it’s worth, McLaurin said that Diggs didn’t do much talking after that.