DeSean Jackson grew up in Los Angeles, and he’s a big Lakers fan. After watching the Lakers shoot 5-of-32 from three-point range in Tuesday’s Game 1 loss against the Portland Trail Blazers, Jackson didn’t hold back.

He specifically targeted Danny Green, who signed a two-year, $30 million deal with the Lakers last offseason. Green missed several wide-open threes and shot 4-of-12 from the field with 10 points.

“I don’t care what anybody say ... Danny Green, you weak as [expletive],” Jackson said on his Instagram story. “You out there playing like a bum. Get him off the team, man. Trash.”

Jackson seems to be worried about his Lakers. The Blazers won Game 1, 100-93, behind Damian Lillard’s 34 points. While the Lakers made just five threes, Portland hit 13 on 34 attempts.

“I told ya’ll Lakers, ya’ll in trouble,” Jackson said. “I’m a die-hard Laker fan, but I don’t know. This ain’t looking like us.”

Portland has been in playoff mode for weeks while the Lakers were just getting in shape during the seeding games. Time will tell if Game 1′s loss was rust or if the Lakers are on the verge of being upset in the first round of the playoffs.

Jackson called out Green, but Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and Alex Caruso also received criticism from viewers. The trio combined for 13 points on 5-of-27 shooting in 82 total minutes.

USA Today reports Derrius Guice raped two women at LSU

The chances of former Washington Football Team running back Derrius Guice ever resuming his NFL career are dwindling each day. At this point, he has much bigger problems to address.

USA Today reported that Guice was accused of raping two women while at LSU.

One of the women is a former tennis player at LSU and the other was a student who lived in the same apartment complex as Guice. Both claims centered around Guice taking advantage of them while they were drunk. He also threatened the women afterward.

Guice had built a reputation in the public eye as a good samaritan. He saved a woman from a car accident in 2018, but that wasn’t the man these women knew.

One of the women’s experiences with Guice led to alcohol and drug abuse. While in rehab, a counselor told her to write a letter to the person she despised most. She chose Guice.

“Everyone seems to praise you but if they knew you have to take advantage of girls while they’re passed out just to feel powerful they would see the piece of (expletive) I see. ... I wonder what the media would say if they knew the real monster you are,” the woman wrote.

Washington released Guice after he was arrested on domestic violence charges earlier this month. The running back was a second-round pick in 2018 but battled injuries in his first two seasons. It doesn’t look like he will record a third season anytime soon.

In the USA Today report, Guice’s attorney denied the sexual assault allegations.

“At no time were allegations of physical or sexual assault brought against Derrius during his years as a student athlete at LSU,” Attorney Peter Greenspun said in his statement. “To bring up such assertions only after the Virginia charges were initiated certainly calls into question the credibility, nature and timing of what is being alleged years later.”

New video emerges showing Masai Ujiri being shoved by security

Video was released Tuesday showing sheriff’s deputy Alan Strickland pushing Raptors president Masai Ujiri twice as he tried to get on the court to celebrate with the Raptors after winning the 2019 NBA Championship.

In the video, Ujiri is seen presenting his credential to Strickland on his way to the court. He is then shoved backward and told, “back the [expletive] up.” Ujiri proceeds to tell Strickland that he’s the president of the Raptors, but he is shoved one more time.

The video backs Ujiri’s claims that Strickland was the aggressor. Strickland filed a lawsuit in February, alleging that Ujiri assaulted him and he “suffered injury to his body, health, strength, activity and person, all of which have caused and continue to cause Plaintiff great mental, emotional, psychological, physical, and nervous pain and suffering.”

After the recent video evidence, Ujiri will countersue Stickland.