Jalen Hurts took more first team snaps than usual as quarterback ahead of the Eagles’ game against the Seahawks, NFL sources told the Inquirer.

Carson Wentz will still get the start, but Hurts’ increased practice time indicates that he could be given a series or more on his own, and that there is further competition at the position.

ESPN was first with the report.

On Saturday, Eagles coach Doug Pederson denied that Hurts, a rookie, was under center more or that he could possibly be given an entire series or more Monday night.

“As far as the plays and the snaps, I mean, he hasn’t gotten any more than he would get throughout the course of the week normally since we’re been playing him,” Pederson said. “I’m not going to reveal any game plan plans with him at the time.”

Pederson gave an ambiguous reply three days earlier when he asked if Wentz, who has struggled all season, would remain his starter.

“Not today on Wednesday, no,” he said.

A follow-up asked specifically about Monday night.

“Um, I’m focused right now on getting better today ... I don’t know -- we’re looking at -- I would say, no, no, no,” he said.

Later in the interview Pederson was asked again to confirm that Wentz was still his guy.

“The question was is Carson my starter? He’s my starter,” he said. “And you guys can blow it up however you want it, and that’s fine.”

Hurts has played 31 snaps in 11 games on offense this season. But the most he’s played is about two snaps in a row, and Wentz has always remained on the field. Pederson had been asked previously about taking the starter off as to give Hurts more passing options.

On Monday, asked about playing Hurts more, he said, “I think I could get him in the game a little bit more.”