Kirk Cousins was trending Tuesday morning after he uttered a popular catchphrase in regards to his his approach to COVID-19. It wasn’t his “You like that” saying but one used by the fictional boxer Ivan Drago from the Rocky series.

“If I get [COVID-19], I’m going to ride it out,” Cousins said on Kyle Brandt’s podcast. “I’m going to let nature do its course. Survival-of-the-fittest kind of approach. Even if I die. If I die, I die.”

Cousins’ response comes off as selfish, being that COVID-19 can be passed to others, and those people may not be as equipped as an NFL quarterback to handle the virus.

Cousins’ comments weren’t the best way to explain his thoughts, but there was more to it. Even though he doesn’t sound like a fan of wearing masks, he did consider how it impacts others. While he was being called out by many in media, some others came to his defense.

Cousins was clear on how he feels about wearing masks. He doesn’t agree with the CDC’s suggestions on wearing them, but he does it to avoid criticism. The same criticism that came Tuesday morning.

“It’s really about being respectful to other people,” Cousins said of him wearing a mask. “It really has nothing do with my own personal thoughts.”

Just in case Cousins one day decides to go with his own beliefs, doesn’t wear a mask and somehow exposes himself, the Vikings’ backup quarterback is Sean Mannion. He has no touchdowns and three career interceptions on 74 passes in his five-year career.

The thought of Mannion taking a snap under center may be even scarier to Vikings fans than Cousins’ approach to COVID-19.

Cousins was one of the NFL players who participated in the #WeWantToPlay call to action that was focused on the NFL bettering its player safety guidelines. If that support was genuine, Cousins will do what is being suggested to keep others safe.

Neymar tests positive for COVID-19

ESPN reported that Paris Saint-German and Brazilian star Neymar tested positive for COVID-19.

PSG’s first game is Sept. 10, and Neymar will be unavailable. He has to quarantine for 14 days. Two more of his teammates also tested positive.

On a larger scale, when someone of Neymar’s talent goes missing, it leaves a gap. This is unlikely to be an isolated incident for fall sports, including American football.

The equivalent of Neymar in the NFL is the quarterback for most teams. Most teams keep two or three quarterbacks on a roster. The loss of a Russell Wilson, Patrick Mahomes or Lamar Jackson for even a week could have significant implications.

The team that wins a championship will more than likely be the one that is most disciplined.

In Neymar’s case, he and his two teammates were spotted in Ibiza on a yacht after PSG’s UEFA Champions League Final loss to Bayern Munich. Those are the moments that championship teams in soccer, football and baseball will have to avoid.

Serena Williams breaks record in U.S. Open victory

In her first-round match, Serena Williams won, 7-5, 6-2, and earned her 102nd win at the U.S. Open. The win makes her the record holder for most singles wins at the Billie Jean King Tennis Center for men and women.

Williams has more history to chase in New York. Her six tournament wins at the U.S. Open is tied with Chris Evert for the most all-time in the Open Era. She’s also one Grand Slam title away from tying Margaret Court’s women’s singles record of 24.

Her second-round match is Thursday against Margarita Gasparyan.