It’s not hard to see why NASCAR identified a garage pull rope as a noose.

NASCAR released the photo on Tuesday afternoon. The garage pull rope was tied as a noose and identified by a member of Bubba Wallace’s team and reported to NASCAR. Wallace himself never saw or came in contact with the noose.

The FBI concluded an investigation and determined Wallace wasn’t the target of a hate crime.The investigation revealed the rope as the only one shaped as a noose on any of the 29 tracks.

NASCAR president Steve Phelps spoke with the media Thursday afternoon and said he should have used the word “alleged” in NASCAR’s initial statement. He also stated that emotions around the banishment of the Confederate flag and protecting Wallace played a role in how he reacted.

The noose had been at Talladega Speedway since last October. Phelps identified this as a problem that should be fixed going forward.

“Odds are someone saw it and didn’t react negatively,” Phelps said. “We need to do better as an industry. Our industry needs to go through sensitivity and bias-conscious training.”

Vince Carter officially announces retirement

Father time remains undefeated, and all good things must come to an end holds true again.

Vince Carter officially announced his retirement after 22 seasons. He’ll mostly be remembered for his highlight dunks. Whether it was dunks over a seven-footer in the 2000 Summer Olympics or dipping his elbow into the rim in the 2000 NBA Dunk Contest, he’s about as close as we have ever seen to a human flying.

Carter’s career was much more than being a great dunker. He played 22 seasons across four decades, living up to his nickname “Half Man, Half Amazing.” He was an eight-time All-Star, and he’ll finish 19th on the all-time scoring list and eighth in career three-pointers.

Carter gave fans one of the greatest highlight reels in NBA history. After winning Rookie of the Year in 1999, he averaged more than 20 points for the next 10 seasons with the Raptors and Nets, and played in Orlando, Phoenix, Dallas, Memphis, Sacramento and Atlanta.

His farewell tour was cut short by the coronavirus pandemic, which canceled his final trip to Toronto, but players and teams honored him while they had the opportunity. In his last game with the Hawks, word of the NBA’s regular-season postponement had spread before the final buzzer, and Carter had one last moment for his career.

The only question left to ask is where does Carter rank among the game’s greatest shooting guards? Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant occupy most fans’ top-two spots. Dwyane Wade, Jerry West, Clyde Drexler, Ray Allen, Reggie Miller, George Gervin and Allen Iverson are other popular names.

Carter can comfortably sit somewhere in the top 15 shooting guards of all time, but no matter where he is ranked, he created a legacy.

2023 Women’s World Cup to be co-hosted by Australia and New Zealand

The United States Women’s National Soccer Team now knows where it will defend the World Cup title.

The 2023 Women’s World Cup will be co-hosted in Australia and New Zealand. It’s expected to include 32 teams.

The U.S. has won the last two World Cups in France and Canada. Playing the host country is always a unique challenge, but the Americans fared well in 2019, eliminating host France in the quarterfinals.

France was the toughest competition the Americans faced. Australia is ranked No. 7 and will be looking to make the most out of its home-field advantage.

Home or not, beating the U.S. will be tough for anyone. The Americans have 14 consecutive World Cup wins and remain unbeaten in their last 31 matches overall.