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eBay is offering sneakerheads a chance to win rare sneakers, including Family & Friends Air Jordans, Nike Dunks and Adidas

eBay is encouraging its users to sell more by listing 25 rare pairs of sneakers as a potential reward.

eBay is listing the Air Jordan 5 Paris Saint-German sneakers in a limited white colorway.
eBay is listing the Air Jordan 5 Paris Saint-German sneakers in a limited white colorway.Read moreCourtesy of eBay

New sneakers are hot commodities and harder to get now than ever. It’s more about connections and pure determination to land exclusive drops nowadays, with. the time of walking in or lining up at the store are long gone.

With that in mind, eBay is giving sneakerheads a better chance at securing rare releases by launching eBay’s Inside Drop, which will reward new and repeat sellers.

Inside Drop will allow eBay users to list a pair of sneakers for $100 or more and reward them with an opportunity to win one of 25 pairs of sneakers. No seller fees will be included.

“A lot of times, products like these you have to know somebody who knows somebody who knows somebody to get your hands on them,” said Jacques Slade, who has collected an estimated 700 to 1,000 pairs of sneakers for more than 10 years. “Most of them ... you can’t even buy them.”

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Each of the 25 winnable sneakers are impossible to find in stores. They are kicks from the Friend & Family editions, which is given that name because most of the people who get them are just that.

One available pairs is the Air Jordan 1 Fragment High Friends & Family, and the sneaker will also include a brand logo. This Jordan 1 in particular is so rare it’s listed as sold out on GOAT, one of the more popular places to find exclusive sneakers. What about Flight Club? Well, it’s sold out there, too. StockX, another popular option, lists the 12-month average sale price as $10,406.

“Some of these releases, there’s only a hundred pairs,” Slade said. “The way that sneakers has grown and expanded, it’s extremely challenging.”

Not all 25 are that expensive. The Air Jordan 5 Paris Saint-German F&F sneakers are listed in a limited white colorway. The average sale price on StockX for this shoe is $1,309.

Nike Air Max 1 Parra F&F and the Adidas Pharrell NND Human Race Trail F&F are popular possibilities as well. More Adidas, Asics, Nike Dunk low and high tops, retro Jordans, and New Balances are among the other options.

All eligible listings must be made by 11:59 p.m. Sept. 24. Another 1,000 sellers will also be given a $25 eBay gift card if they list shoes within the first 48 hours.

Other prerequisites include: listing a pair of sneakers for at least $100, share a photo on Instagram or Twitter while tagging eBay and using the hashtag #ebayinsidedrop.

“Sneaker collecting is about more than just buying new kicks,” said Garry Thaniel, general manager of sneakers at eBay. “It’s about having connections with the community to track down that must-have pair for which you’ve been tirelessly searching, or helping someone else add to their collection by selling a pair from yours.”