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Titans receive good news with COVID-19 testing, Aaron Rodgers’ MVP-caliber play, and more sports news

The Titans' COVID-19 scare will likely make the roster look different this week, but their chances of playing are improving.

The Titans won't have another bye week for the remainder of the season.
The Titans won't have another bye week for the remainder of the season.Read moreWade Payne / AP

The Tennessee Titans are getting more good news after a lot of bad news last week.

A game against the Pittsburgh Steelers was postponed due to players and personnel testing positive for COVID-19. Each day, another person in the organization tested positive. The total reached 20 since Sept. 24.

The positive tests also put the Titans' next game into question, but all signs are pointing to the matchup with the Buffalo Bills going on as planned.

The Titans facilities has been closed since last Tuesday and should be opening soon. They’ll be operating on a short week with several players on the COVID-19 list, so the roster will look different.

For the NFL, the Titans were the season’s first outbreak. The situation was handled quickly, and the league has made adjustments by adding more COVID-19 testing and protocols.

The new protocols won’t allow players to leave their team’s city during the bye week, which some players aren’t happy about, but it may be the best way to avoid another outbreak.

Aaron Rodgers making critics look worse with every performance

This is chess, not checkers. The Packers' move to draft quarterback Jordan Love in the first round lit a fire under Aaron Rodgers that motivated him to get back to his MVP-level of play. It might not be a bad idea every now and then to waste a first-round pick if this will be the result.

All jokes aside, Rodgers is leading the Packers to a dominant start after another strong victory. What makes it even more impressive is the way Green Bay is doing it. Rodgers is spreading the ball around like mayonnaise on a cheeseburger. The Packers were missing their top two receivers against the Falcons, so the two-time MVP quarterback featured his tight ends and running backs.

The Packers are dangerous, and it’s mainly because of Rodgers. It’s easy to say it was just the Falcons, but he’s done this consistently, and this may have been the most difficult game since he was without Davante Adams and Allen Lazard.

Rodgers is somewhere at the top of the MVP list. He’s showing that he’s motivated after having a down season last year.

NBA 2K21 releases Next Gen trailer

NBA 2K21 is already out on PS4 and Xbox 1, but the Next-Gen game won’t be released until the new PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

A trailer was released Monday displaying the new visuals.

As expected, the visuals are better than they’ve ever been. It almost looks like you’re sitting in a basketball arena to watch games.

For PS5 players, the game will be released on Nov. 12, and for XBox Series X the release is Nov. 10.

Zion Williamson was named the Nex Gen’s cover athlete in July.