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Two more Titans test positive for COVID-19, Lakers honoring Kobe Bryant in Game 5, and more sports news

The Tennessee Titans could have back-to-back postponed games after more players tested positive for COVID-19 on Thursday.

The Lakers are 4-0 in the playoffs when wearing their "Black Mamba" jerseys inspired by Kobe Bryant.
The Lakers are 4-0 in the playoffs when wearing their "Black Mamba" jerseys inspired by Kobe Bryant.Read moreKim Klement / AP

Another day, another positive COVID-19 test for Tennessee Titans players.

NFL Network reports that two Titans players have tested positive for COVID-19. This brings the total to 12 players and 21 total members in the organization over the past two weeks, and 23 since Sept. 24.

The Titans' facilities are still closed, and this isn’t a promising sign three days from Sunday. The chances of playing the Bills decrease with each positive test.

An ESPN report indicates the NFL will try to move the Titans-Bills game back a day or two, like the Patriots-Chiefs was moved to last Monday. The problem with that is the Bills play the following Thursday night, so that game would be moved, too.

It’s unclear as to why Titans continue to test positive. The only comparisons so far in sports have been the Marlins and Cardinals in MLB, but neither of those teams reached an outbreak of this magnitude.

The NFL is investigating a report that some Titans players met at a local high school to practice. If that is the case, the league has shown with its mask-wearing penalties and strict protocols that it will not be light on penalizing players.

Lakers honoring Kobe Bryant in potential series-clinching game

The Los Angeles Lakers have been dominant since sporting the “Black Mamba” jerseys on Aug. 24 to honor Kobe Bryant. The Lakers have worn them on the second game of each series as a tribute to Gianna ‘Gigi’ Bryant, who wore the number two. The Lakers are 4-0 in those games, including a Game 2 win over the Miami Heat.

With a 3-1 lead over the Heat, the Lakers want to finish this series quickly, and they’ll be looking to do so in style by wearing the Mamba jerseys.

The biggest moment in the jerseys came when Anthony Davis hit a buzzer-beater in Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals against the Denver Nuggets.

“Obviously, we’re representing him,” Davis said after the shot. “Especially in those jerseys. It’s his jersey, one he created, and any time we put it on, we want to win.”

Cody Bellinger makes play of the postseason against the Padres

The reigning National League MVP hasn’t had his typical season at the plate, but it hasn’t impacted his defense.

In a year where Fernando Tatis Jr. and the “Slam Diego” Padres have gotten a lot of spotlight, Cody Bellinger stole the shine when he robbed Tatis Jr.'s potential game-leading home run.

Bellinger’s robbery was the difference in the Dodgers' 6-5 win. The fact that it came against Tatis Jr. added a nice narrative. It was like the reigning MVP stole his spotlight back from one of the top candidates for the MVP this season.

The play was not only big in the game, but it was a series-altering play. The Dodgers are now up 2-0 in the best-of-five series. San Diego will have to climb out of a hole much taller than that wall to complete the comeback.