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Three Titans players test positive for COVID-19, Mark Cuban helps Delonte West check into rehab, and more sports news

The Tennessee Titans could be facing a potential forfeit Sunday against the Steelers after five personnel members and three players tested positive for COVID-19.

The Titans and Vikings' facilities are currently shut down as they await more results from COVID testing.
The Titans and Vikings' facilities are currently shut down as they await more results from COVID testing.Read moreJim Mone / AP

The NFL mostly had a drama-free first three weeks of the NFL season with COVID-19 testing, but that ended on Tuesday morning.

Three Tennessee Titans players and five personnel members have tested positive for COVID-19. The Titans and their opponent from last Sunday, the Minnesota Vikings, have shut down their facilities.

This is the most members of a team that have tested positive after one testing this season. Now, the NFL’s job now to make sure that Vikings players and staff members were not impacted. If that is the case, this situation should be easier to handle.

Unlike some college football conferences, the NFL doesn’t have built-in weeks to maneuver through a possible game cancellation. Each team has one bye week. The Titans are scheduled to play the Steelers this week while the Vikings will prepare for the Texans.

Reports indicate the Titans facilities will be shut down until Saturday. That means no practices or in-person meetings.

With the Titans having a bye in Week 7 and the Steelers in Week 8, it’s hard to see how the game could be played if it’s postponed. If the game can’t be held this week, the Titans could potentially forfeit.

The Vikings appear more likely to play since they don’t have any positive COVID-19 tests, but the odds are stacked against the Titans. Just like with MLB, all eyes are on how the NFL handles its first big case.

Mark Cuban helps Delonte West check into rehab facility

Delonte West was once an eight-year NBA veteran, but mental health issues and drug abuse have left him homeless.

Former players and coaches have spoken about trying to help West over the past few months, but Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is jumping into action.

Cuban was seen on video picking up West at a gas station in Dallas.

West played his final NBA season with the Mavericks in 2011-12. Cuban helped West connect with a financial adviser in 2014, but that didn’t work out. This time, he’s focusing more on getting West proper treatment.

Not many NBA current or former players have spoken up about West, which is mildly surprising considering he played eight seasons and was a key player on some good teams.

His former teammate at Saint Joseph’s, Jameer Nelson, was one who made a post after a viral video showed West in bad condition in January.

Abuse and mental health issues are hard to combat, even when you are offered help. Those willing to help sometimes have to be resilient, and that appears to be Cuban’s approach.

The Athletic is reporting that West is now expected to check into a rehab facility.

The Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes are Lamar Jackson’s kryptonite

Superman is one of the strongest DC characters ever created, but his weakness was always kryptonite. The greatest athletes all had a weakness that they either had to overcome, or it haunted them their entire careers.

While critics focus more on Lamar Jackson’s passing ability, that doesn’t seem to be his biggest weakness. His kryptonite is Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs.

Jackson is 21-1 in the regular season against teams other than the Chiefs. However, he’s now 0-3 against Mahomes' squad after a 34-20 loss on Monday Night Football. The result led to Jackson calling the Chiefs "Our kryptonite.”

Jackson has Super Bowl aspirations, and if he wants to get there, the Ravens will likely have to go through Kansas City.

Also, it probably didn’t help that the NFL players voted Jackson No. 1 and Mahomes No. 4 on their yearly top 100 players list. Mahomes seemed to remember that during the game.