It’s rare that you’ll get the full story on Tom Brady, and Howard Stern managed to do it. Brady spoke about his Patriots departure among other things in an interview with Stern. The biggest takeaway was Brady saying that he had a feeling 2019 would be his last season as a Patriot.

“It was time,” Brady said. “I accomplished everything I could in two decades with an incredible organization, an incredible group of people.”

Brady added that he has no resentment toward Bill Belichick and he described his exit as a very emotional moment.

The decision initially came as a surprise, but the pieces are starting to come together. ESPN’s Dan Orlovsky pointed out in the regular season how Brady only trusted Julian Edelman among his wide receivers, and you can’t blame him. Outside of Edelman and running back James White, no Patriots receiver had 30 catches or 400 yards.

Now everything makes sense. This is why Brady lobbied for Antonio Brown so hard and even let him stay at his home until Brown was settled into Foxborough. This is why the Patriots went to desperate measures and signed Josh Gordon. Brady made it clear that he needed help by expressing his frustration to the staff.

“I don’t have any trust that this guy can help us win the game," Brady said about not being able to trust receivers. "If you put him out there, I’m not going to throw him the ball.”

For all the problems that the Buccaneers have, wide receiver talent isn’t one of them. Tampa Bay has two 1,000-yard receivers in Chris Godwin and Mike Evans, so you can bet that’s a sigh of relief for Brady.

Mike Gundy’s latest comments show why NCAA football is more about business

Mike Gundy was once a good guy. His infamous “I’m a man, I’m 40” speech will go down as one of the best tirades in history, but his luck wasn’t so good — or smart — this time around.

Gundy dismissed the impact of the coronavirus and stated that he would like his players to return to football.

“In my opinion, we need to bring our players back,” Gundy said. “They are 18, 19, 20, 21, and 22 years old, and they are healthy and they have the ability to fight this virus off.”

His comments haven’t been received well and they shouldn’t. Gundy’s approval rating just plummeted and many people think he should be out of a job now.

I won’t take it that far.

He’s been a great coach for Oklahoma State. This doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about the players. It is the latest example of how the business that is college football takes priority over any issues according to a lot of the coaches.

Kevin Garnett doesn’t want jersey retired in Minnesota

Kevin Garnett had 2,037 blocks in his NBA career, but his rejection of Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor may be his best one yet. Garnett said that he won’t have his jersey retired in Minnesota while Taylor is the owner.

That’s got to hurt.

Chalk it up as another blow for a struggling Timberwolves franchise. It’s a terrible look that the best player to ever play for your franchise wants no part.

Garnett is the Timberwolves. He led the franchise to eight straight playoff appearances before a 13-year postseason drought. Garnett, who will be inducted in the 2020 Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame, is the franchise’s all-time leader in points, rebounds, assists, steals and blocks.

But don’t lose hope, Timberwolves. As Garnett said after winning a 2008 championship with the Boston Celtics, “Anything is possible.”