Pandemic aside, the Washington Football Team is having one of the most eventful offseasons you can imagine. It’s been filled with good and bad.

On the positive side, Washington has changed the face of its franchise by hiring Julie Donaldson and Jason Wright as team executives and Ron Rivera as head coach. The other side shows why those changes were needed. The team’s nickname was removed under heavy pressure from protesters and sponsors, and allegations of sexual assault within the organization reported by the Washington Post detail a horrific working environment.

The Post reported Wednesday that a former Washington Football Team employee said that a former team executive instructed a special outtakes video of team cheerleaders during a calendar swimsuit shoot be made for team owner Daniel Snyder. Former team broadcaster Larry Michael was reportedly involved.

“Larry said something to the effect of, ‘We have a special project that we need to get done for the owner today: He needs us to get the good bits of the behind-the-scenes video from the cheerleader shoot onto a DVD for him,’” Brad Baker, a producer in the team’s broadcast department from 2007 to 2009, told the Post.

The Post interviewed more than 100 former and current employees for the story. If the allegations are true, it’s the latest example of a toxic environment in Washington.

Fans may question Snyder’s future as the owner, but he has said repeatedly that he has no intentions to sell. Snyder issued a statement and pledged to be more hands-on going forward.