Sportico released its 2022 list of the 100 highest-paid athletes in the world on Tuesday and several players tied to the Philadelphia area cracked the list.

The Sixers’ James Harden, Joel Embiid, and Tobias Harris all made the list, as did Phillies outfielder and reigning National League MVP Bryce Harper.

Harden was the top Sixer, and fourth-highest NBA player on the list, coming in at No. 9 overall after making $76 million, $40 million of which came from his salary and $36 million from endorsements. Meanwhile, Embiid ranked No. 55 on the list at $34.5 million ($26.5M in salary, $6M in endorsements), with Harris right behind him at No. 60 with earnings of $34 million ($32.5M, $1.5M). The Sixers were among just eight franchises across sports to have three athletes on the list. Former Sixers Jimmy Butler (No. 36, $40.5M) and Jrue Holiday (No. 79, $31.7M) also finished inside the top 100.

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Harper came in at No. 67 overall at $33.1 million, making $26.6 million in salary and $6.5M in endorsements from companies including Under Armour, Rawlings, and Gatorade. The 29-year-old ranked fifth among baseball players behind Los Angeles Angels outfielder and South Jersey native Mike Trout (No. 24, $49.5M), suspended Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer (No. 40, $38.2M), New York Yankees pitcher Gerrit Cole (No. 45, $37M) and Washington Nationals pitcher Stephen Strasburg (No. 59, $34.1M).

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James topped the list this year, raking in $126.9 million, $36.9 million in salary and a whopping $90 million in endorsements from companies like Nike, Kia, Walmart, and James, who was fifth on last year’s overall list, was directly followed by three European-based soccer stars, Lionel Messi ($122M, Cristiano Ronaldo ($115M), and Neymar ($103M). Boxer Canelo Alvarez rounded out the top five ($89M).

Other athletes with regional ties included Kevin Durant (part owner of the Union), who placed No. 7 with a combined $85.9M ($37.9M, $48M), and two NFL receivers from Penn State, Chris Godwin (No. 47, $36.8M) and Allen Robinson (No. 77, $32.4M).


to Philly
Kevin Durant
Part owner of Union
James Harden
Sixers player
Mike Trout
South Jersey native
Chris Godwin
Former PSU player
Joel Embiid
Sixers player
Tobias Harris
Sixers player
Bryce Harper
Phillies player
Allen Robinson
Former PSU player

This year’s top 100 is made up of athletes from 10 sports, the 100 athletes collectively having earned an estimated $4.5 billion this year. NBA players accounted for the biggest share of the list (36 athletes), while the NFL was represented by 25 players, led by Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford (No. 11, $73.3M). Thirteen soccer players and 12 baseball players made the list. No hockey player cracked the top 100.

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For the second straight year, tennis stars Naomi Osaka (No. 20, $53.2M) and Serena Williams (No. 52, $35.3M) were the only women in the top 100. Athletes from 24 countries were represented, led by 69 from the United States.

Sportico’s salary numbers for this list are estimates based on 12-month earnings from June 2021 to May 2022. The salary and prize money are inclusive of all bonuses paid during that time. That includes signing bonuses, incentives, playoff bonuses and All-Star Game pay. Meanwhile, endorsements factor in earnings from sponsorships, licensing, royalties, memorabilia, appearances, golf course design, media, book deals and branded car dealerships.

*Sportico reduced NBA salaries by 10% to account for escrow payments.