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9 haunted Halloween attractions in the Philly area, just in time for spooky season

Looking for an adrenaline rush? At these fright-filled Halloween haunted attractions, everything from ghouls to zombies and evil doctors will oblige you.

A nun, portrayed by Jennifer Lopez, welcomes folks into the chapel at the Fright Factory Philly haunted attraction, 2200 S. Swanson St. in Philadelphia.
A nun, portrayed by Jennifer Lopez, welcomes folks into the chapel at the Fright Factory Philly haunted attraction, 2200 S. Swanson St. in Philadelphia.Read moreElizabeth Robertson / Staff Photographer

For all the Philly haunters and horror enthusiasts out there, your time is now. Haunted Halloween attractions are now open and ready to send people home crying (as many like to boast on their websites).

Some great ones are only a few hours away, but they can require a hotel, planning a weekend — it’s a whole thing. What about haunted houses, hayrides and hotels that are located within an hour or under of Philadelphia?

The attractions listed here are meant to be scary, as one location’s website FAQ reads: “You’ve paid to be scared. So, if you or your child are so scared that you can’t continue through the haunts, then we have done our job. There would be no reason for a refund.” Makes sense.

If you’re looking for something more family-friendly, there is always Philadelphia Zoo’s “Boo at the Zoo” event or Franklin Institute’s “Franklin Fright” weekends.

But, if you’re ready for the adrenaline rush, here’s a list of haunted Halloween attractions close to Philly, sorted from closest to farthest.

How far: Under 30 minutes

Price: $34 to $60 per person

Philadelphia’s renowned haunted attraction, Eastern State Penitentiary has been scaring people for the last 25 years.

The prison itself was opened in 1829 to experiment with a new form of imprisonment: solitary confinement with hard labor. Today, the grounds are used as a historical education site with a mission to educate the public on incarceration.

During Halloween the defunct penitentiary turns into a haunted attraction called “Halloween Nights,” complete with haunted houses, beer gardens, campfires and food, and a speakeasy lounge inside Al Capone’s former prison cell.

🌐 📍 2027 Fairmount Ave., Philadelphia 📞 215-236-3300

How far: Under 30 minutes

Price: $30 to $50 per person

In the depths of South Philly resides a century-old warehouse with a haunted twist — The Basement of the Fright Factory is a ghoul-infested nightmare. You’ll walk through a gauntlet of creatures and scary props while the floors move and fog wafts through the damp air. Horror is lurking around every corner. The Travel Channel even featured this haunt on America’s Scariest Halloween Attractions and it was used as a filming location in the upcoming horror film, Terrifier 2.

🌐 📍 2200 S. Swanson St., Philadelphia 📞 215-334-4678

How far: Under 30 minutes

Price: $29 to $55, but more expensive packages are available

This is Philly’s newest haunted attraction, opening for the first time this Halloween season.

When Hurricane Ida flooded Manayunk’s Lincoln Mill, it ravaged the interior of the building as well, revealing a decades-old dark secret — the mill’s original owner was conducting horrifying experiments on his workers. (So the story goes.) Now, the mill is running rampant with the spirits of those who died in the lower chambers of the building. Explore with friends the dark secrets of Lincoln Mill while dozens of the mill’s trapped souls chase you through the night.

There’s also a pre-show to enjoy beforehand, but if your speed is more PG-13-level spookiness, Lincoln Mill has a daytime scavenger hunt inside the attraction with no scare-actors.

🌐 📍 4100 Main St., Philadelphia 📞 610-573-0098

How far: 30 minutes to an hour

Price: $30 to $50 per person

By day, Creamy Acres Farm is an idyllic farm getaway for families in the tri-state area, but at night... monsters, creatures, and chain-saw wielding ghouls take over for a Night of Terror.

With many different attractions you can scream through, or in some cases shoot paintball guns through, one ticket grants you access to the whole farm. HGTV featured the attraction on Halloween Tricked Out.

🌐 📍 448 Lincoln Mill Rd, Mullica Hill, N.J., 📞 856-223-1669

How far: 30 minutes to an hour

Price: $35 to $45 per person, but more expensive packages are available

Inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, The Bates Motel in Glen Mills is a top-tier haunted attraction right outside of Philly. You’ll be chased, scared and led through a night of haunted hayride trails, a murder-filled motel and other Halloween-themed activities. CNN named this attraction one of the best haunted houses in America in 2019.

🌐 📍 1835 Middletown Rd., Glen Mills, Pa., 📞 610-459-0647

How far: 30 minutes to an hour

Price: $24 to $47 per person, but more expensive packages are available

A haunted hayride, a ghost pirate named One-Eyed Willie after his lost treasure, and a cursed mansion with a murderous ghost? This place has got it all.

Take a quick trip north of Philly to the Valley of Fear, where three horrifying attractions await your screams. If you’re not into the whole getting scared thing, they also have live music.

🌐 📍 301 W. Bristol Rd., Feasterville, Pa. 📞 215-942-9787

How far: 45 minutes to an hour

Price: $36 to $50 per person

A highly-ranked haunted attraction, Frightland features a haunted mystery surrounding the infamous “Dr. Thaddeus Idalia,” an evil doctor who performed gruesome experiments on the grounds of Frightland. Explore the doctor’s mysterious barn with a dark secret, Ravenwood cemetery where the victims were buried, and his manor where he secluded himself for years. With eight different attractions, from hayrides to haunted barns and a zombie prison, the price of admission is well worth it.

🌐 📍 309 Port Penn Rd., Middletown, Del.

How far: 45 minutes to an hour

Price: $18 to $52 per person

Enter the reimagined Village of Sleepy Hollow in Newtown, Bucks County, where a haunted orphanage, dark crypts, deadly farm fields, and forbidden cottages await anyone who dare visits.

A haunted hayride takes you through the moonlit acres of fields and woods, while you’ll lose yourself to Malfate Manor’s 17 spooky rooms. If after all that you’re still not terrified out of your mind, the Field of Fright will find you out in the lonely dark with nowhere to hide.

Friendly bonfires and live music are waiting for you when you’re done with screaming through the village.

🌐 📍 881 Highland Rd., Newtown, Pa. 📞 215-860-6855

How far: 1 hour

Price: $50 per person, but more expensive packages are available

Last one on the list, but certainly not least: Pennhurst Asylum is one of Pennsylvania’s most famous haunted attractions.

With many different places to explore, you will tour the asylum’s morgue, tunnels and the actual historical facility as monsters, ghouls and murderous medical staff wait around every turn.

🌐 📍 250 Commonwealth Dr., Spring City, Pa. 📞 484-886-6080