Anyone remember when the stay-at-home order kept us up at night and made us believe we might accomplish something interesting during the day?

While the past weeks — months? — have been historic and life-altering, as this point, for those of us living and working and raising kids at home they have not been exactly ... productive. As one day bleeds into the next, as our children’s bodies merge into family couches, we’re all in need of a bit of waking up.

Best a.m. revival song: Good Mornin’ to the Mornin’, courtesy of fantastic Mister John’s Music, best followed by several segments of the Bella Vista treasure’s weekly video. Also colorful: Crayola’s weekly craft lesson. Also energetic: Southern California SPIDERFit Kids livestreams for littles. We’ve got the details.

Also, in case you’re not one of the 10,000 people who are already watching the Philadelphia Zoo’s daily animal meet-and-greets, it’s time to tune in.

Memories are made of these. Maybe.

Mister John’s Music

New shows posted Sundays on the Mister John’s Music YouTube channel and archived at (ages 2—10)

Pre-COVID, parents and kids loved going to classes at John Francisco’s Bella Vista music school because each session was the delightful opposite of their stereotypical competition: Boomers intoning ancient folk dirges while waving frayed silk scarves. Mister John’s Music was fun, funny, educational, inclusive, and accessible. His weekly contributions to the playlist on his Mister John’s Music YouTube channel are equally great. In wig and stubble, Francisco often intros the show as Insta influencer “Ewenee.” A trio of teachers might perform classic Journey, play tic-tac-toe, teach drums, or offer essential information on bathroom etiquette. This week, they’re giving a lesson we all could use: How to set and reach goals, featuring I Will Survive and You Get What You Give (which, by the way, also describes the school’s as-you-wish payment request).


Hey Kids! It’s time for some fun! Today it’s Beach Day!!! Whether it’s warm or cold where you are at, lets’ have some fun at the beach. This week, we’re looking to see who’s family can work together to amass 250 push ups! Mom, Dad, brothers, sisters, grandmas and grandpas can all participate! Let us know when your family achieves their goal! Monday is “Crazy Hair” day, so let’s see some crazy do’s! SPIDERfit Kids is here to help you during this difficult time. These short physical education lessons are designed to not only get your kids moving, but to improve body awareness, coordination, and even fitness! Each day we will be presenting a challenge like “eating 2 vegetables with dinner” or “helping someone in your family”. We will also be asking parents to post when their kids have done these so we can recognize them on Facebook live! We’d love for you and your family to participate. To make sure you get alerts for PE in Your Living Room, please like and follow our page here at Spiderfit Kids. After these live sessions, we will be posting the classes here as well. Each session will also be posted to Instagram, @bklika and on Spiderfit Kids’ Facebook page. In addition to these live classes, we will be posting individual activities through all of these social media outlets. We have also made our online membership site, The Powerful Playground, free and open for everyone. Just go to For a free downloadable PDF including many of the activities you will see in “PE for Your Living Room” go to Follow #spiderfitkids and #keepkidsmoving2020 and use those hashtags to share spiderfit kids resources with others!

Posted by SPIDERfit Kids on Friday, May 15, 2020

11:30—11:50 a.m. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays on SPIDERFit Kids Facebook Live (ages 4—8)

Superstar SoCal kid trainer Brett Kilka and rising star 6-year-old daughter Madison lead an extra-interactive, extra-little-kid-friendly morning fitness class on Facebook Live. Each living room-based workout has a theme — sunglasses, beach, Disneyland (it’s the West Coast, y’all) — and ends with a challenge: Clean your room! Eat your green veggies!

Philly Zoo at 2

Philly Zoo at 2

We’re live with Philadelphia Zoo for their Philly Zoo at 2 Facebook live series! Meet their sloth bear boys 🐻 and let us know what questions you have. #PAatHome

Posted by visitPA on Wednesday, May 13, 2020

2 p.m. Mondays through Fridays on the Philadelphia Zoo Facebook page (all ages)

For approximately 17 (but who’s counting?) glorious minutes each and every weekday, educator Dani Hogan introduces viewers to different Philadelphia Zoo residents via Facebook, also home to the attraction’s excellent animal high jinks videos. Each meet-and-greet has an anything-could-happen vibe (Will the giraffe bite the zookeeper? Will the Amur tiger brothers ever acknowledge human existence?), which only makes it more fun. Coming up this week: hawks (Monday), Amur leopard (Tuesday), sloth bear (Wednesday), mystery guest (Thursday), and eagle (Friday), all subject to change. Ten thousand viewers per episode aren’t wrong.

Hair Braiding and String Art

3 p.m. Monday (braiding) and 3 p.m. Wednesday (string art) on Girls Nite In Online, at (tweens and teens)

Girls Nite In Online isn’t only for grown-ups seeking interval training or cocktail pro tips. The popular pink platform also hosts workshops by and for actual girls (and boys). Monday, Doylestown 11-year-old Margot Chase hosts a hair braiding workshop — French, Dutch, fishtail — where donations go to the Fiaria Project, supporting foster families. Wednesday, sisters Riley and Taylor Schwarz, of Havertown, teach string art in their workshop, with donations going to the Gladwyne Fire Department.

Crayola Crafting

#Live - Craft Box Girls by Lynn Lilly shares 3 easy crafts you can make with Popsicle sticks Find more at home activities here--->>>

Posted by Crayola on Tuesday, May 12, 2020

1 p.m. Tuesday on Crayola’s Facebook channel (preschool — with parents — through teens)

From Easton, Pa., the crayon capital of the world, come these simple, colorful weekly Facebook Live craft lessons with Pinterest princess and glue gun goddess Lynn Lilly. Last week, she made and answered questions about Popsicle stick bracelets, Popsicle stick frames, and paper Popsicles made with … Popsicle sticks. This week: Memorial Day projects. On May 26, we paint. Crayola also has craft videos, coloring sheets, and more on its website,