E-pill has built a programmable digital alarm system into a twist-open pill cap. The battery-run TimeCap Multi-Alarm Pill Bottle with Last Open Time Stamp can be set to one or multiple alarms on the hour (up to 24 daily alarms) via rubber push button arrows and a mode button.

Getting the hang of the labeled buttons that control the beeps, flashes, and blinking indicators took some practice, but the manual, diagrams, and online video helped. The cap’s LED digital clock displays not the current time but the last time and day the cap was opened — and your dose supposedly taken. (An LED line rotates over the Su, M, Tu, W, Th, F, and Sa printed on the top).

At the set times, the alarm will beep for 10 seconds and the display will flash until the cap is removed from the bottle, a helpful reminder. (Opening and closing the cap other than at the set time throws off the Last Opened display, but will not impact the set alarm times or subsequent time display).

To see the current time, press the Check button on the cap. The alarms auto-reset at midnight to the programmed times, unless you change them. You’ll likely need to transfer your pills and label to the 2.5-ounce e-pill bottle provided. The easy-to-open (not childproof) cap includes a replaceable LR 44 button cell battery.

The e-pill TimeCap Multi-Alarm Pill Bottle with Last Open Time Stamp is about $30 at epill.com. You can order a three-pack for about $50 by calling e-pill at 1-800-549-0095.