Here’s a bright idea for making pedestrians more visible in the dark to people — and, most important, drivers — approaching from behind.

Power Spurz are battery-powered horseshoe-shaped silicone safety lights that slide onto the back of your shoes, boldly beaming out your presence. You can set the ultra-bright Spurz to flash or glow continuously.

Two included replaceable CR2032 lithium coin batteries can power the weatherproof LED lights on each Spurz for up to 70 hours (but you might want to keep spares on hand).

Power Spurz, which look kind of like blazing headphones for your heels, are available in attention-grabbing orange, green, blue, pink, or red. They fit heel widths between 2.4 inches and 3.3 inches and weigh less than an ounce.

Power Spurz Light-Up Heel Safety Lights: $13 for single, $18 for two-pack at