Technical problems that caused headaches for SEPTA riders on Monday may be around for a little while.

The transportation authority saw “system-wide technical difficulties” beginning Monday morning, halting “TrainView and other real-time data features,” including information shared on its app and website, the agency wrote on Twitter. The “Next-to-Arrive” feature on SEPTA’s app populates an “unable to show results” notification.

Riders shared concerns with SEPTA on social media Monday. It’s unclear what led to the “unforeseen problem” or when it will be resolved, but it could last until “at least” Tuesday morning, said SEPTA spokesperson Andrew Busch.

“To get the information to be able to push out to customers,” Busch said, “that’s the top priority, and then restoring everything else from there.”

SEPTA advised commuters to turn to printed schedules or personnel for help.

The authority is gaining back a sliver of its customers, with about 30% to 35% of ridership returning on transit and 10% to 15% on Regional Rail as of last month.

Mask-wearing, required by SEPTA, will only become more important as others restart their commutes aboard public transportation. Though not everyone is complying — an impetus for “social distancing coaches” introduced last week.

New Regional Rail schedules begin Sunday. Service along the Chestnut Hill West and Cynwyd Lines will stay suspended.