Snow evidently has quite a loyal following in the Philadelphia, at least according to a wholly unscientific poll conducted by the National Weather Service Office in Mount Holly.

It started Friday morning when a forecaster tweeted about the coming warmth next week that included the phrase, “winter has decided to give us a break so far this year (no editorializing, but yay!.”

Some of the commenters objected, saying, What’s with the “yay?”

The weather service followed up with a tweet asking people to choose “teamsnow” or “teamnosnow” and cast their ballots

Breakdowns by party affiliation, ethnicity, location, or religious affiliation were unavailable, but in a turnout that would rival that of a Philadelphia municipal primary, among 889 votes cast, teamsnow took 61%.

Explaining snow’s resounding victory, weather service meteorologist turned political analyst Dean Iovino surmised, “a lot of disappointed people out there.”

“There’s a place for people who don’t like snow — Florida,” tweeted one respondent.

“If we had to base our vote on how people drive in this weather, it’d be 100%,” countered a dissenter.

Perhaps other no-snow would-be voters had better things to do or are suffering from survey burnout, but it’s not like they were out shoveling.