Philly native Chuck Darrow has literally covered Atlantic City’s casino scene since Day One: He was there on assignment the night in November 1976 when voters approved legalized casinos. Since then, Chuck has covered the town and its gaming industry for several area newspapers -- which is why, in some circles, he's known as "Boardwalk Charlie." You can reach Chuck at

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2015 PMA Walk of Fame inductees

THE 2015 PMA Walk of Fame inductees include: Billie Holiday: Famed mid-20th-century blues-jazz singer, born in Philly in 1915. The Roots: The eclectic funk-rap-soul-rock-pop combo is the house band on "The Tonight Show" and the city's go-to musical unit.

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ALTHOUGH based on Sal Paolantonio's definitive biography, Frank Rizzo: The Last Big Man in Big City America, Theatre Exile's "Rizzo" is not a by-the-numbers recreation. Director Joe Canuso said there is little mention of Rizzo's early, pre-police-force, years. And author Bruce Graham has created scenes and dialogue for the story's sake.

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