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Youth suicide risk during COVID-19: How parents can help | Expert Opinion

During this time of COVID-19, parents are finding themselves suddenly in the role of a teacher, but they may also be on the frontline for supporting their children with mental health issues or suicide risk.

Could schools help identify troubling behavior before a mass shooting? | Opinion

As the nation continues to reel over the horrific mass shootings in Odessa, Dayton and El Paso, questions have started to arise about whether schools have a role as a kind of “early warning” detector for troubling behavior, thus potentially preventing violent outbursts later.

Terrifying reality: How parents can help kids through active shooter drills

Fire drills are commonplace and are mandated in Pennsylvania, as are school bus emergency evacuation drills. But, with new legislation on the table in Pa., schools may be required to conduct other safety drills, including lockdowns.

Commit to digital self-care in the New Year

A recent study showed that social media use is linked to increased feelings of depression and loneliness. This was even more apparent for those who were already experiencing depression.

Tips for coping with a stressful holiday season

Here’s how to make the holiday season less stressful whether you’ve lost a loved one or are overwhelmed with obligations.