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Would people wear masks at their wedding, sit 6 feet apart? Then her father spoke up.

Christine Pascua and Steve Povey usually agree on most things, and postponing their wedding until next year made the most sense.

Wedding: Alicia Zanghi and Jeffrey Frederick clicked from the beginning

“I can’t imagine my life without you, and I’m excited to start a family together with you,” he said. “I will always be by your side. I feel that you make me a better person. … I’d be lost without you.”

Wedding: Rachel McLaughlin and Eric Most ‘hit it off, just immediately’

“Her kindness and compassion, her thoughtfulness for others, are the big things I love about her,” Eric said. “She’s a very kind and giving person.” For Rachel, same same.

Weddings: Cara Horner & Chris Arter

Chris and Cara had dinner the next night, then drinks at King’s Road Brewery. Chris walked Cara home in the rain. They kissed goodbye on her doorstep and have been together ever since.

Dana Spain and Walt Moore: A solid friendship blossoms into more

Walt walked in, and walked right out of the friend zone. “Wow,” Dana thought. “He really is handsome.”

For Erica Carr and Nicholas Mallick, friendship — and love — came quickly

“We can have everything go wrong in our day, and she’s ok just going with the punches,” Nick said. “She’s funny – she’ll make me laugh like no other. And she’s a kid at heart, who still likes to play and have fun.”“He makes me smile, and never, ever makes me doubt anything about myself," said Erica.

For Christina Zipf and BJ Glenn, being together is joyful

Then in 2017 they re-connected over social media. “If you’re ever coming home, let me know – we’ll try to get a drink or something,” Christina said.

Wedding: Lindsay McLaughlin and Stephen Wasylenko’s easy rapport turns into more

Lindsay, too, shooed any inkling of interest out of her mind. What would happen to their happy times with friends if a failed romance went sour?

Wedding: Stacie Steinbrecher and Bruno Marcinkowski get reacquainted - and then connect

“I felt too old to make the same poor choices,” Stacie said. “To help with that, we had checklists,” Bruno added.

Wedding: After 13 years of friendship, Ariana Seidel and Alex Hayes realize it’s something more

“I wish I had friends like that,” she thought that day in 2003.Her wish soon came true – Alex, Susanna, Emily, and the rest of their large group of friends became Ariana’s friends, too.