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Wedding: Keisha Mulugeta-Gordon and Stephen Lenrow

They had a nice time, broke up a few weeks later for no good reason, got back together that February and stayed together for the rest of junior year and senior year.

Philadelphia weddings: Megan Foley and John Taylor III

“It was definitely his dark hair,” said Megan. “She has very pretty eyes,” said John.

Philadelphia weddings: Heather Schmidt and Matthew Osborne

“I have got to come clean about this,” said Matt. “We watched an embarrassing number of Matthew McConaughey movies together that first week.”

Philadelphia weddings: Colleen LeFevre and Thomas High

“I was brought in as a wing man and to meet this other girl,” Tom remembers. “But Colleen — tall, blonde, infectious smile — was the one who caught my eye.”

Philadelphia weddings: They met across the beer pong table

“When he is dedicated to someone, he is completely dedicated,” she said. “He is a hard worker and had the same goals as I did about higher education and trying to be the best you can be. 24/7, he wants to make sure I’m okay.”

Philadelphia weddings: Kristen Kelly and Michael Moriarty Jr.

“He was very different from everybody else I’d dated,” Kristen said. “He was very caring. And someone I could see having kids with — and it was weird that I was even thinking about that at 19 years old!”

Philadelphia weddings: Bridget McGeehan and Matthew Habermann

She's from Wallingford; he's from Australia. They met in London.