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Electoral College is a valuable part of our republic, and shouldn’t be abolished | Dom Giordano

Saturday is a day to celebrate the 115th anniversary of the 12th Amendment, which established the Electoral College, a necessary part of how our country elects its president.


Progressives are dismissive of parents who want their children in charter schools | Dom Giordano

Instead of accepting that parents want what's best for their kids, people such as Jim Kenney and Bernie Sanders disparage and patronize them.


Sims crossed a line with his tirade at pro-life demonstrators | Dom Giordano

State representative deserves to be taken to task for his publicized verbal attack on pro-life supporters


Assaults on Kate Smith and her statue are a case of political correction run amok | Dom Giordano

The Kate Smith statue is only one target of in these overly sensitive times.


Playing field is not level when female-identified transgender athletes compete with girls | Dom Giordano

Transgender athletes who identify as female have an unfair advantage over girls in competition


Supervised injection sites being forced upon people, neighborhoods that don’t want them | Dom Giordano

People take pride in their neighborhoods and don't want the scourge of drug addiction to become a threat to their families


Shamong mayor sees marijuana as a cash crop for his municipality | Dom Giordano

The Republican mayor of the South Jersey municipality in the Pine Barrens thinks pot will help his community prosper.

Krasner, McSwain at odds in how to carry out justice | Dom Giordano

Philadelphia DA Larry Krasner and U.S. Attorney Bill McSwain had two competing versions of justice.

Rep. Brendan Boyle steps into radical territory by backing New Green Deal | Dom Giordano

Congressman Brendan Boyle is treading on dangerous ground by aligning himself with the radical environmental policy.

My lunch — and other encounters — with Johnny Doc | Dom Giordano

Columnist Dom Giordano shares some of his contacts with the noted labor boss over the years