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Mystery thriller author Tom Clancy dead at 66

Tom Clancy, the best-selling writer who created fictional hero Jack Ryan, died Tuesday evening. He was 66.

It's a boy! World gives royal welcome to Baby Cambridge

The Prince of Cambridge received a royal blue welcome Monday afternoon in London.

Royal Baby Watch: Everything you need to know about Baby Cambridge

Covering every angle of Royal Baby Mania until the actual birth takes place.

Of course Princeton mom has a book deal

Susan A. Patton, fondly known to the general population as "Princeton Mom"— who in March penned a controversial editorial for the school's newspaper advising co-eds to "find a husband on campus" before you graduate— has landed a book deal.

Chase and Jen Utley give 8 things they were thankful for in 2012

Chase and Jen Utley have countless reasons to be thankful. After all, the two are perfectly cognizant of their lifestyles accompanied by the blessings they receive daily.

The 12 biggest celebrity breakups of 2012

Celebrity splits in 2012 generated a level of conversation that indicated that "happily ever afters" are in fact, a rarity in Hollywood. We take a look back at the year's biggest breakups below.