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Can braille survive in a smartphone world?

The Associated Services for the Blind, located in the heart of Center City on Walnut Street, houses one of the largest Braille production facilities in the country, supplementing Braille lessons with teaching innovative technology to help the blind.

Where did all the male ob-gyns go?

Considering the imminent retirement of many of the older male doctors in obstetrics and gynecology, it's not hard to imagine a future of only female providers. Plenty of women don't care about the sex of their doctor, but that's not a message many male students are getting.

E-cigarettes linked to marijuana use, study says

Are e-cigarettes promoting marijuana use? Maybe so, a study says. Teens who vape are more likely to smoke marijuana.

Once told their deaf kids had to adapt to a hearing world, these parents learned sign language to flip the script

A widespread belief that learning sign language keeps deaf children from learning to speak leaves parents with a tough decision: Do they ignore the supposed experts or risk depriving their children of language?

How kids’ brains react to food may cause them to overeat, Penn State study finds

A new study out of Penn State shows that overeating in children, which can lead to obesity later in life, correlates with the children's brain responses to food — that is, how the kids are thinking about what they eat.

Doctors report high rates of sexual harassment by patients, survey finds

Among all clinicians, 10 percent have experienced sexual harassment in the past three years. Among female physicians, 12 percent have experienced sexual harassment.

ICE protesters outside City Hall battle heat, loss of electricity

The Abolish ICE protesters have been living on the street in Center City for almost a week now. They stuck it out through last week's heat wave and are gearing up to do the same for this week. How are they staying safe?

Will that tattoo hurt you professionally? Not if you’re a doctor, study finds

A new study shows that physicians with tattoos are perceived to be equally as competent as their colleagues that are clean of body art.

Wills Eye Hospital receives $5 million gift from Farbers

A donor gave Wills Eye Hospital a new $5 million gift, bringing the total to $7 million, to advance vision research.

For service members with traumatic brain injuries, art can be healing

A recent study led by a Drexel professor links the psychological symptoms of brain trauma to themes found in art. One participant in the study shares his story.