Despite extended filing and payment deadlines for city, state and federal taxes, the Philadelphia School Income Tax is still due on Wednesday, April 15, 2020.

The Department of Revenue for the city of Philadelphia said there is no change to the April 15, 2020, due date for filing School Income Tax (SIT) returns.

Taxpayers are directed to file returns for the 2019 tax year and either pay the balance due or claim any over-payment as a refund or credit against their 2020 taxes.

Taxpayers who cannot meet the deadline are encouraged to file an extension request (available online or in the SIT packet mailed to taxpayers) and to pay an amount equal to their 2018 SIT liability.

For all updates on Philadelphia city tax deadlines, visit the Department of Revenue’s website:

Forms for School Income Tax are available on the Department of Revenue’s website here:

The Philadelphia School District receives 100% of the School Income Tax, spokeswoman Vicki Riley said, and “needs the revenue at this time in order to meet its cash flow needs. As you know, governments – like businesses – are choosing among difficult options right now. We realize that doesn’t make paying the taxes any easier, but delaying the deadline for the SIT hurts our public schools.”

In guidance available on its website, the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue announced extensions for personal income tax returns and payments due April 15, 2020, until July 15, 2020, conforming to similar IRS extensions for federal income taxes.

For a full list of state extensions, visit the press release website at