Bam Margera is going back to rehab.

The Jackass star and Pocopson Township native will enter a live-in rehab facility for a program that could last between 60 and 90 days after a private meeting with Dr. Phil McGraw on Monday, Entertainment Tonight reports. Sources told TMZ that Margera’s session was filmed in the Dr. Phil show’s green room without an audience, and will air as part of a new season that premieres in September.

Margera’s meeting with Dr. Phil this week came following a series of rambling Instagram video pleas on Sunday in which he said he needed the television personality’s help in a “big, big way” because his “family is in shambles.”

“It’s been worse than it’s ever been, ever,” Margera said in one video.

He later added that he had “disowned” his mother, April Margera, after she responded unemotionally to an apparent near-death experience on which the star did not elaborate. He also slammed wife Nicole Boyd, saying he “can’t stand” her, and worried that she would use 18-month-old son Phoenix Wolf “as bait” in a custody battle in the event of a separation.

Those videos came following posts apparently showing an allegedly intoxicated Margera, 39, being kicked off a Southwest Airlines flight and arguing with an airport employee. Earlier this year, Margera entered rehab for the third time, and later was committed to a behavioral facility.

On Monday, Margera updated fans on Instagram, saying that Dr. Phil “secretly flew out Nikki and [son] Phoenix Wolf, and had my mom on standby” as part of his session. According to TMZ, the three-hour meeting was an emotional one, with Margera accusing his wife of “extreme stubbornness,” and his mother asking Dr. Phil what drugs Margera may be using.

Margera later confirmed in another post that he would seek treatment of some kind, writing that he was “off to Dallas to get my brain evaluated,” and that his “phone will be off for a while.”

Last year, the pro skateboarder threw a massive party at his Pocopson Township property, Castle Bam. A second planned party at the property was quashed by township officials, and later moved to several locations before settling at Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company in Croydon.

“The only thing that we really want is for Bam to be happy and to find peace in his life and in turn we’d like to find peace in ours,” Margera’s mother told Entertainment Tonight. “We just have to take one step at a time and hope that everything is going to work out okay.”