Eagles tight end Dallas Goedert said Carson Wentz told him he had a “big check guy” who would make a souvenir-sized version of the check Goedert had to write to settle their bet on last Saturday’s clash of their alma maters.

Wentz posted that oversized version of Goedert’s $1,000 check to the North Dakota State football program above his locker stall Wednesday, in the wake of Goedert’s South Dakota State Jackrabbits losing to Wentz’s Bison, 23-16.

The wager wasn’t unusual in an NFL locker room, the charity-function-sized check was.

“I tried to look real enthused, holding it for the pictures,” Goedert said. “I’m pretty confident we’ll get 'em in the playoffs, we might have to up [the wager]. Carson’s got quite a bit of money he can give out."

They watched the game together, on a tablet device, Goedert said. The Jackrabbits led 6-3 at the half but were outscored 20-10 the rest of the way. “It was fun all the way till the end,” Goedert said.