After the Eagles’ 17-9 win over the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday at Lincoln Financial Field, Birds head coach Doug Pederson and quarterback Carson Wentz had plenty to talk about.

”That was a big win for us,” Wentz said. “It felt like a playoff atmosphere. it feels good to get this victory.”

Here are some of Pederson’s and Wentz’s most notable quotes from their postgame news conferences.

On the team’s up-tempo offense

Pederson: “It’s something that our guys really take to heart and do well. Everybody just feels comfortable there.”

Wentz: “It’s helping quite a bit. … I think that’s one thing that coach — I’ve said it before, he has a really good sense for when to utilize it.”

On the defense’s performance

Pederson: “Hats off. These guys took this game personal from the standpoint of what happened to us the first time. That was a great offense.”

On possible distractions during Christmas week

Pederson: “These guys are focused on next week already. I want them to enjoy this and their family next week, but at the same time we have some unfinished business.”

Wentz: “It’s important to have that moment with our families, but when we’re working, we’re working. When we’re working, it’s go time.”

On Dallas Goedert’s performance

Pederson: “He’s so tough, not only in the run game, but he made some big catches tonight.”

Wentz: “We know what he can do. He stepped up and made a bunch of big plays tonight.”

On young players stepping up

Pederson: “Miles is coming into his own as a young player. He seems to get stronger each week.”

Wentz: “I’m so proud of these guys. You can see the sense of belief these guys have. They are continuously stepping up for us, and we are going to need those guys. The moment is not too big for any of these guys.”

On the team’s mentality heading into next week

Pederson: ”Our team understands that every week is a playoff game. We have a division opponent on the road with a chance to extend our season. We will need another 60-minute game.”

Wentz: “No one is complacent right now. We have to go prove it again, and we’re excited for it.”