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Bam Margera wants you to help with a project at Castle Bam on Thursday

Castle Bam opens its doors to visitors on Thursday at noon.

Bam Margera at Castle Bam before his mom, April, began renovations for rental on AirBnB
Bam Margera at Castle Bam before his mom, April, began renovations for rental on AirBnBRead moreCHARLES FOX / Staff Photographer

Ex-Jackass star and professional skateboarder Bam Margera is having a get-together at Castle Bam, his former West Chester home, this week, and basically everyone is invited.

Margera, 39, last week on Instagram invited “all skaters in the Philly area” to his property at 435 Hickory Hill Rd. in West Chester on Thursday. The plan, Margera wrote, is to tear down the skateboarding ramps located at Castle Bam and replace them with “something spectacular,” and he needs a crew to help do it.

“Every helping hand counts and all skaters are invited,” Margera wrote to his 1.8 million followers, adding in a later post that “good artists” are also invited to “paint whatever they want” on walls around the ramp area.

Gates to Castle Bam open at noon on Thursday. So far, about 2000 “confirmed skaters” have agreed to help in the planned demolition. Margera did not indicate what he plans to construct in place of the skateboard ramps.

He did, however, indicate that professional skateboarders like Danny Way, Andy Roy, Freddy Gall, and others would be present for Thursday’s festivities. In one post, Margera wrote that Gall is in town to “get off opiates,” and Roy was in West Chester “to get off drugs and skate.” Margera himself has dealt with substance abuse issues for a number of years, and most recently publicly relapsed over the summer, according to reports.

Activities planned for Thursday include a challenge to “bomb,” or ride down, Margera’s driveway on a skateboard — a task so dangerous, apparently, each attempt is worth $100.

“If you land it, you get way more than $100,” Margera wrote on Instagram.

Margera will also team up with fellow pro skater Way for a scavenger hunt in the woods of Castle Bam. According to a post, he and Way will “throw $20,000 in ones in the 14 acres of woods” on the property, which fans will attempt to find. Entry into that contest is $20, though other activities appear to be free.

As far as musical entertainment, Margera hopes to have “a rock band … or a rapper that I like” perform at Castle Bam on Thursday, and is offering $10,000 for the task. No performer has yet been announced.

“Everyone, shut the f- up, call off work, get in your f- car, and witness an epic day,” Margera wrote in one note online.

Some fans have noted that such a large-scale event on private property stands a good chance of getting shut down, with one fan writing online that the event will be terminated “in 5 minutes,“ to which Margera replied, “your [sic] gonna get shut down in 5 minutes.” Another wrote that the event would be a “s- show.”

“That’s the f- point, duh!” Margera wrote in response.

Margera’s invite comes following news that Castle Bam would be renovated and put on rental service Airbnb over the summer, but the property does not show up in searches on the company’s website. However, the skater said in a since-deleted Instagram post last month that Castle Bam is available to rent, and is free to stay in “if you are a band or skater in town.”

“It was almost like he was living on a show set, and the whole show left and he was left behind,” April Margera, Bam’s mom, said about Castle Bam earlier this year. “I told Bam it might be a bad idea to sell it right now. He’s got a little son, and he might want to see it one day. As long as you can kind of rent it out, it will help pay taxes, and that’s about it.”