As The Inquirer’s “One Movie, One Philadelphia” reached its fourth week, we looped in Punxsutawney and broadened our scope to include the whole of Pennsylvania by selecting Groundhog Day as our latest movie to watch over the weekend and weigh in on.

Readers called out their favorite scenes from the Harold Ramis classic, which stars Bill Murray as Phil Connors, a weatherman assigned to cover the Feb. 2 ceremony at Gobbler’s Knob who ends up reliving Feb. 2.

Patrick Stroup said he loves the way Phil learns to deal with a pushy insurance salesman played by Stephen Tobolowsky. “If Ned Reyerson isn’t your favorite part of this movie then you don’t understand or deserve the beauty that is Groundhog Day.”

Close second: acing the Jeopardy questions Phil knows by heart, in front of an irked crowd.

Jessica Franklin Broom enjoys the “Nancy Taylor” sequence of Phil using his time-loop skills to gather intelligence in an attempt to seduce a local woman (Marita Geraghty).

Other readers warmed to Phil’s character arc and process of reform.

New Commentator 2: “I always watched to marvel at the conversion from despair to acceptance then hope arising from the depths ... Now I see the possibility of hope prevailing over the current difficulty, and enjoy it more.”

Andrea Massaroni Kulick contributed a gif of Phil smashing the alarm clock that wakes him up at 6 a.m. every day to remind him that he’s stuck in time limbo, a feeling that many readers have.

“Why watch it?” asked Leslie Glavin Wertz. “We’re living it.”

David Bolger chipped in with a meta quip: "Ironically enough, I have always stopped watching this movie at the same time.”

A commenter named Barbara threw a wet blanket on the proceedings, calling them “fun for disabled old shut-ins…on the sofa watching 40-year-old junk eating chips drinking beer and chain smoking Camels."

C’mon, Barbara.

We’re not eating chips.