Former Vice President Joe Biden has become a full-blown meme once again, thanks to a fateful photo taken at a Wilmington polling place on Election Day on Tuesday.

Fans can thank CNN reporter Arlette Saenz, who captured Biden entering a Wilmington polling place to vote in a series of Twitter posts on Tuesday, USA Today reports. One photo showed the former Delaware Senator exiting a voting booth with his arms spread wide after casting his ballot, which seemed normal enough at the time.

The photo was later edited to depict Biden as characters like Batman and Dracula, as well as to show him in precarious situations, like skydiving or using a Porta Potty. The meme-ing reportedly began after a use posted Saenz's photo to a Reddit thread, which started a Photoshop contest.

This, however, is not the first time Biden has been meme-ified. Previously, the Internet made of meme of Biden’s time in the White House, with supporters creating a series of images depicting an unusual, fictional friendship with President Obama. The Onion also turned Biden into a comedic character with its hillbilly-soaked “Diamond Joe” take on the Scrantonian’s stay in Washington.

As The Hill reports, Biden turned his attention to a potential future Presidential run after voting on Tuesday. Despite considering the idea in the past, Biden said, he has not yet made a decision about campaigning in 2020.

“I don’t know and I still don’t know,” Biden said in Wilmington on Tuesday. “I wouldn’t announce it if I were going to run that early. It would be too early to get started.”