As HBO’s Mare of Easttown neared its final 67 minutes on Sunday night, nearly everyone who’d been watching had a theory about the death of teenage mother Erin McMenamin, even Stephen King, who tweeted the day after the penultimate episode that he “had a suspect in mind,” adding, “Kate Winslet is killing it.”

By now, King, at least, knows if he was right about who shot Erin in Brandywine Park. Were you?

And if you weren’t, did it matter? Berwyn native Brad Ingelsby’s seven-episode drama brought Winslet and other stars to Philly and its suburbs, where they learned to love Wawa (and dress like its customers), drilled down on the accent, and inspired the cultural phenomenon that Saturday Night Live called “Murdur Durdur.”

It’s been quite a ride. And whether you’ve been on board from the beginning or spent last weekend bingeing episodes to catch up, you probably have thoughts.