This weekend, The Inquirer asked readers to watch and weigh in on Caddyshack for “One Movie, One Philadelphia," our weekly quarantine movie club.

We’ve now chosen your best comments to discuss in a 6 p.m. livestream talk with movie enthusiast Neil Oxman, a Philly political consultant who in his spare time sees more than 200 movies a year, and has also caddied for PGA great Tom Watson for 17 years.

Watch above for Oxman’s insights and Thompson’s witticisms. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

Why we picked Caddyshack

Bil Murray's character confronts the gopher in "Caddyshack."
Handout / MCT
Bil Murray's character confronts the gopher in "Caddyshack."

While the shambling 1980 golf comedy originally met with indifferent reviews and lackluster box office, it went on to achieve cult status after finding a second life as a beloved fixture on cable TV.

Its post-release success seems, like many of its performances, to be largely improvised. We wanted to figure out what’s behind its enduring popularity.

In the Monday livestream, Oxman will give his unique insight into the notorious comedy, and attest to its appeal among professional players, and golfers of all skill levels.

I’ll probe for his opinion on why the movie exerts such a strange pull on people who love the sport, and we’ll talk about why some movies survive near-death experiences at the box office to become cultural phenomenons.

We’ll also talk about the movie’s high and lows, the unusual circumstances of its production, the strange tragedy that occurred in its wake, and its ultimate triumph as a pop culture fixture. And I’ll put this question to Neil: How about a Fresca?

He’ll have his own favorite lines, and we’ll talk about some of those. We’ll also highlight our favorite comments from the “One Movie, One Philadelphia” gang, and discuss your own astute observations.

What’s your favorite performance? Chevy Chase? Bill Murray? Ted Knight? Rodney Dangerfield? Michael O’Keefe? What’s your favorite line? Your favorite scene? For you non-golfers out there — does the movie have any appeal at all?

How to join the conversation:

  • Watch Caddyshack from home anytime this weekend — it’s easy to find on streaming.
  • Then add your comments here before midnight Sunday. We’ll highlight the best ones Monday evening in our first ever “Inquirer LIVE: One Movie, One Philly” livestream, with special guest Neil Oxman — the Philly politico and film buff who caddies for golf great Tom Watson.
  • On Monday, come back to this article at 6 p.m. to watch the livestream interview and join the fun as Oxman and The Inquirer’s Gary Thompson argue the merits of the film, deploying their mutual love of comedy and golf. (So we have that going for us, which is nice.)
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​Then, next weekend, we’ll choose another movie to watch and discuss together.