Villanova native Neal Brennan claims R. Kelly sent “goons” to confront Dave Chappelle following the airing of a now-infamous Chappelle’s Show sketch more than 15 years ago.

Brennan, who co-created the popular Comedy Central program, stopped by the Breakfast Club last week, where he discussed Kelly’s reaction to a satirical music video dubbed “Piss On You” amid the R&B singer’s ongoing sexual abuse scandal.

Based on Kelly’s “Feelin’ on Yo Booty,” the clip mocked the singer’s 2002 indictment on child pornography charges, which came following the surfacing of a video showing a man believed to be Kelly urinating on an allegedly underage girl. Kelly was acquitted of those charged in 2008.

As Brennan said, Kelly was not happy with the sketch, and “wanted to fight Dave” over the situation. He added that he was not present for the altercation.

“Literally, his goons stepped to Dave in Chicago and Dave’s goons intervened,” Brennan said. “The goons negotiated.”

Interesting, considering that in 2016, Kelly told GQ in an interview that he had never seen the sketch, and was not familiar with Chappelle. As Complex points out, though, Kelly likely knew about the sketch previously, considering that he was spotted wearing an “I’m Rick James, Bitch!” T-shirt at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2005. The line comes from another famous Chappelle’s Show sketch that initially aired in 2004.

Chappelle himself, meanwhile, has not yet publicly commented on Kelly since the airing of Surviving R. Kelly earlier this month. However, the Lifetime series’ showrunner, dream hampton, did claim on social media that the comedian, as well as Philly’s own Questlove, declined to appear in the project.

On the Breakfast Club, Brennan addressed the role of comedians when it comes to scandals like the one surrounding R. Kelly, and denied that the “Piss On You” sketch may have normalized the singer’s alleged improper sexual behavior.

“We will observe things, we will make fun of things. Did people want us to round up a posse and go arrest R. Kelly?” Brennan said. “Our job is to make fun of things. And even if it’s bleak, we still poke fun at it. We were trying to humiliate a guy who was known for peeing.”