Even when she’s not fighting off would-be hecklers during campaign events, Jill Biden is the unsung star of her husband’s presidential campaign.

Vice President Joe Biden appeared on Jimmy Kimmel’s coronavirus-shortened late night show Thursday proudly sporting a Phillies cap on what would have been baseball’s opening day.

“This is not the way to win votes, Mr. Vice President,” Kimmel joked while wearing a Mets cap.

“But it’s the way to be able to sleep with my wife,” Biden shot back. “She’s a Philly girl. If I weren’t into the Phillies, I’d be out of luck, man.”

Kimmel lamented the delay of this year’s baseball season, but joked: “It’s probably for the best. I don’t know that I could handle the coronavirus and the Mets at the same time.”

The former second lady, who grew up in Willow Grove, had been a constant on the campaign trail, giving speeches and holding separate campaign events. Not surprisingly, she’s a lifelong Phillies fan, and even left the 2008 campaign early to come back home to watch the team defeat the Tampa Bay Rays to earn its second World Series championship.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the Bidens have been holed up in their home in northern Delaware, relying on sometimes glitchy streaming services in an attempt to keep the campaign relevant as the country contends with the pandemic.

President Donald Trump has certainly been keeping an eye on Biden. Earlier this week, he shared a video of the former vice president coughing on CNN, which led Philly native Jake Tapper to remind Biden to cough into his elbow and not his hand.

“Oh, I think he’s worried about my health, probably,” a smirking Biden said of Trump. “He’s very concerned. He’s always looked out for me.”

Biden again reiterated to Kimmel that he’s healthy and simply sheltering in place in an attempt to follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines and Delaware’s stay-at-home order. The former vice president said he spends his days on the phone speaking to experts and lawmakers about how to confront the coronavirus and deal with its economic impact.

“I’m trying to follow the rules here," Biden said. "We have folks who come in from the Secret Service, but they wear masks and gloves. We try to do it by the numbers.”