Philly filmmaker M. Night Shyamalan has unveiled a first look at Servant, his mysterious new series with streaming service Apple TV+.

The show, a psychological thriller, deals with a Philadelphia-based couple mourning a tragedy that has put a strain on their marriage, allowing what Deadline calls a “mysterious force” inside their home. Starring Lauren Ambrose (Six Feet Under) and Toby Kebbell (Kong: Skull Island), the series received a 10-episode order from Apple early last year.

Shyamalan shared a teaser for the show today on via Twitter showing a creepy-looking baby swinging in a rocker while watching TV unsettling news coverage. Earlier this week, Apple released a clip showing a cricket emerging from a home’s bathtub drain as a woman explains that her aunt used to tell her that “when a cricket came into your home, something bad is coming.”

“I’ve been very quiet about what I have been working on with Apple TV+, but it has been one of the most incredible creative experiences,” Shyamalan tweeted about Servant, for which he serves as executive producer. “We’re so excited to show it to you.”

The Glass director added that he will discuss more details from the series at New York Comic Con on Oct. 3. The Apple TV+ service itself launches Nov. 1, though a specific premiere date for Servant has not yet been announced.

The series is the latest project from Shyamalan, but he currently has a couple other projects in the works. As Entertainment Weekly reportedly earlier this month, the director is currently set to release two thrillers in theaters in early 2021 and 2023 via Universal.

Details about the films have not yet been announced. However, Universal and Shyamalan have a history together that includes releases like 2016’s The Visit, 2017’s Split, and this year’s Glass.

“When you write spec screenplays for a living, it can be very scary. You exist with constant uncertainty as mores and tastes change over time,” Shyamalan tweeted earlier this month. “When you have partners who push you to break boundaries & try daring things, you don’t let go of them.”