We asked readers of our Inquirer Sports Daily newsletter what they thought about John Tortorella, who is close to a deal to become the Flyers’ new coach.

Among their responses:

Great! He is tough as nails. Good fit in Philly! — Marc W.

Thumbs down.  How can we possibly trust anything that this current management team does? ... Unfortunately this team is in need of much more than just a coach. Why do you think [Barry] Trotz didn’t sign for a King’s Ransom here!?! — Brian L.

Does it matter? Watching the Rangers, the Lightning, the Avalanche, they have so many more pieces than the Flyers. Is management prepared to give him five years to rebuild the club, or will they panic the way they did with Hextall/Hakstol and bail? — Joel G.

This hire is proof that the Flyers brass still listens to [Bob] Clarke and [Paul] Holmgren too much. He’s a Tough” guy. Note to Flyers. It’s not 1975. Trotz has proven he can coach in TODAY’S NHL. —  Scott M.

Coach Tortorella has a very good track record. ... [But] I feel it is time to bring in a younger coach who I feel can relate better to young personnel as Edmonton did with Jay Woodcroft. — Alan D.

Huge thumbs up!!! — Bob Z.

If he can’t develop young players, who needs his big mouth? — David M.

We are going back to 1985-1988 days. — Clyde E.

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I don’t mind Tortorella as a new coach. I like [Trotz] better than him, but he was in the top three to take over the Flyers. For me they need a tough coach ... We need to go back to having a team that other teams are scared to play against, not a team like we’re watching Disney on Ice. — Jim C.

The Flyers just lost me as a fan — Walter B.

Big Thumbs Up   — Tony M.

This will be like having Ken Hitchcock back. Good coaches whose personality rub players the wrong way. We will see a modest uptick year 1, player unrest year 2, with full mutiny mode year 3. — W.S.C.

The Flyers’ new fella.

I hope he’s not a meanie

[Or] he’ll be tortellini — Ken G.